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Time, Talent and Teams

Advanced Workforce Management

Run your business operations with accurate staffing, improve productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction with t3

Workforce Scheduling
Mitigating unforeseen value loss hinges on the efficient scheduling of your workforce, acknowledging that labor costs are a controllable facet of your expenditure

Build Flexible Work Schedules

Create work schedules for regular and part-time staff that meet operational needs and offer flexibility to employees

Shift Cycle Management

Features and Benefits

Manage scheduling of regular, contracted and casual workers in a single, integrated platform

Effective workforce scheduling necessitates a synergy with employee skill profiles and a meticulous estimation of deployment costs for the given staffing demand

Automate Employee Shift Cycles

Create a balanced staffing schedule by aligning the rotation cycles of employee shifts with the operational plan

Streamline Workforce Operation

Smooth business operations and the attainment of corporate objectives hinge on accurate shift staffing

Contract Workforce Management

Schedule Contracted and Casual Workers

Creating rosters for contracted and casual workers, ensuring shift coverage, and offering a unified overview

Workforce Deployment

Plan and Deploy Floating Staff

Mitigate the impact of unplanned employee absences by strategically scheduling floaters in the shift

Role and Skill-Based Scheduling

Manage multi-skill employee profiles, and t3 will automatically allocate them to meet demand

Reskilling Planning

Capability Overview

Mobility is essential for operational teams to quickly address issues and take immediate actions

A robust mobile-centric solution offering an all-encompassing suite of features, empowering users to efficiently oversee workforce scheduling, rosters, adjustments, and exceptions. Promptly address unexpected absences or late check-ins as and when they happen

Workforce Management

T3 offers comprehensive mobile functionality, providing end-to-end support for your remote teams to manage activities in real-time

Why a fully integrated and living roster can prevent value leakage and enhance scheduling efficiency

Workforce Scheduling
Advanced Rostering
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