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Forward workforce demand modeling and accurate forecasting can help you reduce cost and minimize risk

t3 Workforce demand forecasting process focuses on estimating the future workforce requirements in terms of job, competency and skill needed of right quality and right number. The workforce requirement is estimated keeping in view the organisation's plans over a given period of time. The process is managed robotically, configuration is done in RPA Engine and demand is forecasted using following three models:


  • Operating Model

  • Predictive Demand Model

  • Statistical data-driven Forecast 

Workforce Demand Planning with t3

Key capabilities and functional prospective

System takes internal and external factors that influence the demand into consideration along with planned future business operation. Providing AI Powered forecasting platform to senior managers, workforce planners, Forward planners and HR leads. Configure every element and factors that impact the demand planning using t3 Robotic Process Automation.


Operation Modeling

Present and future Operations plans are maintained in the system along-with the operating model. Each operations activity of service is linked with the workforce and competency requirement plan 


Growth Projections

`Define business operation expansion or growth plans that needs to be taken into consideration while forecasting future demand. This also includes if there is any shrink in the business operation


RPA and Factors

Workforce demand forecasting RPA captures model, preferences, rules, internal and external factors that influence demand and robotically generates workforce demand forecast for the future periods 


Statistical Data

T3 is using statistical data to identify past operations trends and consider this in the demand forecast model based on the preferences defined, rules configured in the workforce demand forecast RPA

Out of the box dashboards and data visualization used in demand forecasting

Workforce Demand Forecasting Process is Powered by RPA and Predictive Analytics


t3 Workforce Demand Planning and Forecasting Functional Prospective