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Time, Talent and Teams

Harmonize workforce planning processes with business objectives, activity plans and forward operations strategy with t3

Strategic Workforce Planning

T3 Strategic Workforce Planning

Leveraging scientific modeling techniques to precisely assess workforce skill demands, size the workforce required, and accurately budget cost of deployment

Bill of Skills (BoS)

Drive strategic workforce planning by streamlining shift scheduling processes and aligning workforce skill needs with forward operational goals

Operations Planning

Forecasting staffing and skills demand based on future operational strategy, while projecting the associated operational costs for the period

Demand Forecasting

Empowering organizations with varied workforce productivity insights, facilitating effective reskilling efforts, and maximizing ROI on workforce investments

Workforce Productivity

Key Capabilities

Scientific Modeling of Skills Demand

Skill demand analyzed through scientific modeling, gauging workforce needs for informed decision-making

Workforce Optimization

Features and Benefits

T3 Strategic Workforce Planning is now Powered by Generative AI

Research findings point to a significant loss of around 30% value from workforce investments, primarily linked to insufficient workforce planning

Optimize Workforce Utilization

Efficiently deploy workforce to enhance productivity and ensure the highest return on investment for organizational success

Create the Right Skills Balance

Preventing both scarcity and excess, ensuring a harmonious balance in workforce capabilities and availability

Workforce Management

Data-Driven Workforce Decisions

Ensuring timely and informed workforce decisions that enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness

Operations Planning

Streamline Business Operation

Achieve operational excellence by strategically planning and optimizing the workforce for business efficiency

Diverse Workforce Productivity Analytics

Gain exposure to a range of workforce analytics, insights, and compelling data visualization experiences

Workforce Productivity

Capability Overview

Drive operational excellence by aligning workforce demand with business activities and objectives

Building efficient staffing models involves designing a workforce structure that aligns with your organization's objectives, optimizes resource allocation, and ensures effective staffing. Here's a step-by-step guide to building efficient staffing models with t3

Workforce Productivity Metrics

Empowering organizations to make data-driven workforce decisions and to build a more engaged, productive, and agile workforce

Create and Manage Diverse Bill of Skills (BoS)

The demand for workforce skills can be attributed to either operational needs or the scale of activities

Build Shift Work Plans and Assign BoS

Within the framework of shift work plans, both shift operating schedule and skill requirements are mapped

Manage Upcoming Operation Plans

The simplification of modeling and handling of upcoming operational plans is a crucial factor in the forecast of skills demand

Improve Workforce and Skills Utilization 

Enhance workforce efficiency and skills utilization through strategic re-skilling initiatives

Predictive Skills Demand and Cost of Operation

Automatically forecasting the demand for workforce skills and the associated operational costs 

Workforce Productivity
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