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Offload repetitive, mundane tasks. Switch to flexible solutions that do not overawe


Eliminate error-prone, effort-intensive manual processes

Let our people-focussed automation and AI-powered HR platform help you tune up your workforce management and create clear business strategies aligned perfectly with your revenue goals.

The T3 Workforce platform enables companies to: 

  • Expedite recurring tasks through automation 

  • Enable smoother onboarding and offboarding experience 

  • Aid efficient dissemination of communication-related to company policies 

  • Facilitate improved timesheet, leave, and attendance management 

  • Enhance engagement through employee and manager self-service options 

Encapsulated BI: Data Visualization & Data Analytics Tools



T3 Workforce is a complete package that combines human resource and workforce management capabilities in a unified system


From an all-encompassing HRIS to point solutions designed for smoother integration with existing systems, we got all your HR pain points covered.


Designed to support growth and pivot swiftly at unexpected business turns, T3’s scalability is reflective in its 4 tiers of organizational configuration.


Embrace intelligent HR automation to access optimized information, draw valuable insights, and play to your strengths.


T3’s leave management system alleviates human error and amplifies HR time.

Enjoy a stress-free implementation of your leave accrual and accounting policies by offloading manually handled leave accrual tasks to our intelligent system that automatically draws all employees into its fold. 

When integrated with your onboarding process, the module allows HR divisions to assign paid time off plans to new arrivals and subsequently, assume complete responsibility of leave accrual processing through its robotic accruals and accurate leave account management that factor in allowable carryovers and related entitlements. 

Optimize timesheet generation and approval process to increase visibility in daily operations.

T3’s intelligent time tracking system can auto-generate timesheets, simplify approval processes, and bring the focus back on work. Perfect for remote, distributed teams and project-centric businesses, our timecard feature helps to accurately record hours dedicated to various tasks.


The system’s built-in capabilities can identify timesheets that qualify for auto-approvals and direct only those requests that require approvals to their respective process leaders for appropriate action.


A platform that is intuitive, transformative, adaptive, and uncomplicated

Responsive UI


T3 Workforce’s responsive interface enables effortless reconfiguration of its design and navigation elements to provide an optimized browsing experience from any mobile device or screen. The smart layout ensures the platform scores equally on aesthetics and usability.


Packed with intelligent data analytics, configurable dashboards, and reporting tools, T3 enables easy access to self service features and equips workforces with enduring capabilities that can enhance a business’ growth trajectory.

Hop on to a sharper, smarter platform from Day 1

Available on Amazon AWS cloud for a monthly subscription, the pre-configured platform can be put to work almost immediately, steering clear of prolonged installation hassles and enabling faster deployment with minimum or no assistance.


Our step-by-step tutorials are designed to simplify the system set-up stage in sync with an organization’s requirement to scale up or extend its use for specific business needs. 


Mobile-first approach

The mobile-first design is proof of T3’s commitment to replace archaic, insufficient tools with solutions that enable employees and their supervisors the flexibility to complete mandatory operational and administrative tasks with ease.

t3workforce Mobile
t3workforce Mobile
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