Build Timesheet from Time Reporting Data, Leaves Records, and Work Time Allocation

T3 offers a highly configurable Time and Attendance solution, powered by embedded robotic process automation that captures all the business rules, compliance requirements, and process steps.  


Manage planned absence events, tightly integrated with leave requests, and default time allocation preferences. The system automatically makes over the actual time reported and detects timesheet eligibility for auto-approval 

Flexible cost segment setup and efficient management of employee time allocation process

Create custom checklists and set up a list of tasks to be done by the candidate and internally. Define paperwork requirements, upload forms or post web links to download forms, upload filled/ signed forms.


Setup a list of the questions to be asked from the candidate, you can set up multiple-choice questions, closed answers (yes/no), or collect descriptive responses wherever needed.


The flexibility that you need in managing diversity of work schedule for regular and part-time employees

  • Create FTE % based work schedules 

  • Manage Multiple Shift Operation

  • Assign shift to the Employees

  • Leave accruals are integrated with work schedules

  • Work schedules are tightly integrated with timesheet

  • Leave quantity calculations are based on work schedules

  • Manage weekly day-offs of the employees in a 7 days shift

Pre-approval of overtime and work reporting exception can accelerate timesheet automation process 


Managers can approve overtime and exception when employees are away from office for work

Giving managers the flexibility to pre-approve team overtime and exception requests coming in case employees are out of the office for some training or meeting or official travel or to attend office-related work. Exceptions can be defined for specific periods and given duration in a day.

Timesheets coming to managers can be auto-approved when short hours can be adjusted from the pre-approved except requests. If extra work done by team members is less or equals to the pre-approved overtime then the timesheet is considered qualified for auto-approval.

Optimizing resource deployment in the project and automating manual time allocation can boost ROI from workforce investments 

Resource Deployment and Scheduling in the Project combined with Bench Monitoring

Automating deployment of the workforce is critical in the project-centric industry, focusing on maximum utilization of resources and minimizing resources on the bench is the key to improve the bottom line.


t3 timesheet generation process is tightly integrated with resources scheduled in the different projects, either full-time or part-time. This eliminate incorrect allocating of time and manual review and administration of the the time allocated by the employees.


Let's explore how the front-end looks like