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Efficient time office can enable organization operate more efficiently and effectively while reducing cost of operation.

time and attendance

Transform time tracking process and absence management

Allows for real-time monitoring and tracking of employee attendance, automatically canculating absense or late reporting from the roster and helping managers to identify and address any productivity issues. Key benefits of t3 time and attendance are as follow:

  • Real-time integration with time reporting devices

  • Validating punch data from the roster

  • Integrated with overtime approval process

  • Auto processing of excused absence or leaves plans

  • Eliminate errors and improve accuracy

  • Helps organizations comply with labor laws and regulations

Time and Attendance

Real-time integration with the time-clocking device, missing punches, equipment failure, resolve exceptions, overtime and absence calculation process automation.

Timesheet Automation

Schedule employees in the assignments or projects, timesheet generation process eliminates manual errors that can occur when employees manually creates timesheets.

Leaves Management

The automated leave accrual process from t3 will ensure compliance with labor laws. Streamline the process of tracking and managing leave requests and approvals.

Integration and Mobility

Mobile-based time clocking with geo-fencing, leave request and approval process, missing punch update, adjustments, resolve exceptions and approve staff overtime. 

Intelligent time tracking, eliminating manual processes, get rid of errors and increase HR to employee ratio drastically

3 Key Benefits

The time office plays an important role in ensuring the smooth functioning of a workplace by accurately tracking staff attendance and hours worked, ensuring compliance with labor laws, improved resource planning, and improve efficiency. Automating time office processes with t3 can provide several benefits


Payroll Accuracy: The primary responsibility of the time office is to accurately record and manage employee attendance and working hours. This information is critical to ensure accurate payroll processing and timely payment of employee salaries. 


Employee Motivation: Timely and accurate payment of salaries is essential for maintaining employee morale and motivation. T3 is empowering your employees to track (real-time) their time and request exceptions if any in advance. 


Compliance with Labor Laws: Accurately tracking employee hours is essential to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations related to the staff wage, overtime, and rest periods. T3 time office is full equipped to keep you in full compliance to avoid legal liabilities and penalties.

time and attendance

Eliminate time approval woes with pre-approval features to better manage overtime and time-reporting exceptions. 

time and attendance

Speed up employee time entries and approvals

Our intelligent time-tracking solution is designed to simplify timesheet generation and approval processes and bring the focus back on work. Reducing the administrative burden further, T3 offers:

  • Auto approval facility to prevent time-punch discrepancies

  • Configuration for pre-approved overtime

  • Easy management of exception requests on the go

  • Tracking overtime eligibility and related calculations

  • Time reporting makeovers

t3 mobile-first is going to help you streamline time office processes

Mobility offered by t3 in time office

  • Raise and approve exception requests

  • Submit and approve leave requests

  • Punch adjustments

  • Advance overtime approval 

  • Punch from Mobile (Geo Fence Enabled)

  • Punch from Mobile (Geo Location Enabled)

  • Track your attendance

mobile time and attendance
mobile time and attendance
mobile time and attendance
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