T3 offers a highly configurable Time and Attendance solution, powered by embedded robotic process automation that captures all the business rules, compliance requirements and process steps.  

No matter what type of business you manage, t3 can help organizations work smarter by eliminating repetitive, mundane & low value - time & attendance activities. Timesheets are created from clock-ins and can be auto-approved, eliminating additional administrative tasks undertaken by managers.
T3 helps manage planned absence events, comes tightly integrated with paid leave requests and roster to validate time reporting data and eliminates need for manually managing missing punches before generating timesheets.

Time, Attendance and Timesheet Automation with t3

Key capabilities and functional aspects

T3 offers the best-in-class platform to - manage employee time reporting data, attendance, auto generation of timesheet - and allows for incorporation of approval workflows if required. Employees and managers are provided separate dashboard; employees can manage their own timesheets and managers can view or approve team timesheets. It delivers powerful insights about workforce time, attendance and absence trends and patterns, helping optimize labor costs and performance.

Functionality Overview



  • Time Reporting Data Upload

  • Automated Missing Puch Handling

  • Timecard Adjustment 

  • Track and Audit Changes

  • Auto and Manual Submission

  • Manager Review and Approval



  • Configurable Award Plans

  • Shift & Position Linked Awards  

  • Regula, Overtime, Special OT

  • Public Holiday and day-off Working

  • Automatically interpreting Rates

  • Apply pay codes and process



  • Flexible and configurable paycode 

  • Transfer timesheet and pay-codes

  • Export data in the given format

  • Flexible pay periods 

  • Real-time Integration using API

  • Integrated budgeting and costing

Highly Intuitive Employee Self Service