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Time, Talent and Teams

Smart Time and Attendance

Time and attendance system needs to be aligned with the roster, efficiently manage pre-authorized exceptions and eliminate all the manual touch-points

T3 Time and Attendance

Unlock potential payroll cost reductions of up to 20% by eliminating Excel-based workarounds and manual touchpoints from the process

Prevent irregularities in the Overtime

Prevent irregularities in overtime payouts by pre-planning and approving overtime in advance

Overtime Management

Features and Benefits

An efficient time office can reduce the cost of operation and enhance efficiency

Allows for real-time monitoring and tracking of employee attendance, automatically calculating absence or late reporting from the roster and helping managers to identify and address any productivity issues.

Take measures to stop time theft

T3 is fully equipped and seamlessly integrated solution, ensuring there is no time theft in the organization

Efficiently manage missing punches

Address missing time punches and make clocking adjustments as and when it happens 

Attendance Exceptions

Pre-authorize exceptions

Whether your team members are working remotely or reporting late or leaving early, you can approve exceptions in advance

Day of Operation

Track arrivals on the day of operation

Tracking employees' clock-ins on the day of operation is essential to deal with staff shortages due to unplanned absence

Eliminate all manual touchpoints

Enhancing time and attendance procedures through the elimination of manual steps, leading to efficient payroll generation

Time Clocking

Capability Overview

Unscramble complexities in your leave management process. Switch to T3’s smart time-off administration module

Rule out employee disengagement with accurate leave management. Support and manage diverse leave structures in sync with your geographical diversification strategy, region-specific compliance requirements, and inclusive organizational policies.

PTO Plans

Enhance Leave Efficiency: Build PTO plans, automate the accrual process, and enable employees to request and approve leaves

Enable employees to clock in through a variety of methods, promoting flexibility

Clock-in using Biometrics Devices

Maximize efficiency with our facial recognition clocking devices or continue with your existing system

Grant Mobilile Clocking Permissions

Allow employees to clock in via mobile devices, while ensuring geofencing adherence when necessary

Mobile Clock-in using Geo Location and Geo-Fence

Allowing employees to clock in from mobile devices, provided they receive permission from their managers or HR

Pull Attendance from Timesheets

With T3, clocking data effortlessly syncs with timesheets through automated pulling and pushing

Maintain Electronic Attendance Register

Given situations where employees cannot clock in as usual, supervisors are allowed to register their attendance

Efficient Time and Attendance
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