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Time, Talent and Teams

Maximize Returns on 

Workforce Investments

with T3

Embrace a future-ready workforce transformation platform, now enriched by generative AI to empower precise, data-driven workforce decision

Crafted by innovative minds to keep you ahead of the curve

The essence of T3 is rooted in creativity, leading us to innovate intelligent and new methods to solve complex workforce management challenges. Our primary focus has been on refining strategic workforce planning, predictive skills demand, workforce optimization, strategic reskilling and efficient deployment of workforce against demand.

Workforce Planning by Objectives

Streamline objectives across different levels in the organization and map applicable BoS (Bill of Skills).

Upload Objectives and Activities 

Flexibility to upload plans, activity schedules, and work volumes using excel based template

The pinnacle of our innovation

Strategic Workforce Planning

Manual workforce planning poses the risk of escalating your workforce pay bill by 20% or more, with potential disruptions to your business operations.

Forward Operations Modeling

The flexibility to devise future operational plans, adjust work schedules, and delineate skill prerequisites.

Forecast Future Skills Demand

Automatically generating skill demand and providing the flexibility to adjust demand as circumstances evolve.

Strategic Skills Planning

Floating and Standby Staff Planning

Factoring unforeseen absence trends into standby staffing assessments during demand modeling process

Gantt Charts and What if Analysis

Discover our Gantt charts for an insight into activity schedules, coupled with cutting-edge "what if" analysis

Formulate Rules for Scaling Demand

Articulate standards and factors for assessing how demand will change as work or transaction volumes scale up

Predict the Cost of Skills Deployment

Besides demand generation, T3 also forecasts the expenses involved in deploying the workforce

Demand Data Analytics 

Enhanced with a range of demand data analytics, drill-down options, and the convenience of exporting data 

Advanced Workforce Management

Workforce Management effectiveness is paramount for Operational Excellence

Improve operational efficiency with one unified solution that efficiently addresses the scheduling, rostering, and filling shift demand with your regular employees, contracted staff, and casual workforce

Workforce Scheduling

Fully Equipped Workforce Management Solutions deliver a robust return of $12.24 for every dollar invested

Roster Generation

Quickly Respond To Unplanned Absence 

Proactively manage unforeseen staff absences, secure replacements, and address gaps

Manage Complex Work Schedules with Ease

Equipped to effectively manage the diverse work schedules set for full-time, part-time, and casual staff members

Identify Gaps and Cover Open Shifts  

Effortlessly recognize open shifts and bridge skill deficiencies by deploying contracted and casual staff

Real-Time Roster for Regular & Contract Workers

Our rosters are updated in real-time, ensuring complete integration with skill demand, leaves, activity plans, and attendance

Workforce Scheduling Simplified

Boost scheduling efficiency and ensure that the right skills are assigned to the right locations and shifts

Workforce Scheduling

Fully Integrated Time and Attendance Enhances Payroll Efficiency by 12% or more 

Put an end to Excel-based workarounds and manual interventions in attendance data to increase payroll efficiency and act as a barrier against the transmission of manipulated data sent to payroll generation systems

T3 Time and Attendance 

Advanced Time and Attendance

T3 is seamlessly integrating various components and processing attendance data efficiently to stop all leakages going in the payroll systems

A face recognition-powered time clocking system, complemented by mobile clocking for remote staff

Time Clocking

Improve overtime payouts by implementing pre-approved overtime measures.

Pre-Approve OT

Supervise instances where employees conduct work without being physically in the office

Manage Exceptions

Employee time and attendance data is validated from their respective rosteres

Validate from Roster

Streamlining employee leave by automating accrual, planning, and approval processes

Leaves Management

Monitoring late check-ins, no-shows, or unplanned absences in real-time on the day of operation

Day of Operation

Efficiently manage planning, scheduling, and attendance of the contracted workers

Contract Workers

Processing attendance and producing data on absences and overtime for payroll generation

Payroll Ready
Workforce Transformation
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