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T3 is a single, unified, organically integrated platform to manage your global workforce. We are constantly innovating to enhance HR and Workforce productivity using embedded artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and machine learning. 


Global Human Resource Management

Organizations operating in different geographic locations face constant challenges in managing centralized HR operations. The role of local HR cannot be overlooked when you deal with diverse cultures, languages, and regulations.


T3 can help you implement your current HR operations strategies and build a future HR operations model that suits your organization the best. 

A solution that will allow for augmented agility, transparency, process alignment, and real-time access to HR data at each level in the organization.

Contract Generation and Advanced Onboarding

You can build employment contracts using pre-configured templates or create custom templates. Time to generate and administer contracts can be significantly optimized using t3.


Extraordinary onboarding experience will not just help improve branding but also eliminate manual work on HR desks but also efficiently manage all the activities. Onboarding checklists include paperwork requirements, tasks, policies to be viewed and questions to be asked from the candidates.


Managing HR with multiple systems and trying to plug them together takes a long time and drives you away from your core business priorities.


AutoPilot Leave Accrual and Accounting Process

Managing the diversity of the leave types and related compliance requirements in different work locations is a common challenge. You can create different types of leaves, set up regional compliance requirements, and process to apply for leave.


t3 is designed to autopilot leave accrual policy for different leave types like annual leave or sick leave or any other leave that is accrual-based. You can also grant non-accrual-based leaves using the employee leave ledger.

Time to transform manual and repetitive processes that have been consuming significant time of HR Professionals. 

Managing Complexity of Timesheet and Time Accounting Process

Optimizing the timesheet process while complying with regulatory requirements, implementing worktime rules and organizational processes is another key challenge for most organizations. T3 can help you overcome and seamlessly manage end-to-end timesheet and time allocation processes.


t3 Smart automation can help employees build their timesheet in just 10 seconds and managers can optimize their time spent on team timesheet administration by 80%.


The ability to identify and thoughtfully analyze why people are leaving your organization will help you control attrition rates.


Exit Process Automation and Attrition Rate Control

You can bring down the attrition rate significantly if you analyze and act on the feedback received from offboarding employees. T3 manages the end-to-end employee offboarding process including exit feedback.

Setup your own multiple-choice questionnaire and collect feedback in a structured way so that you can analyze why people are leaving and build a better workplace while minimizing attrition rates.

You will love the t3 interface. It is self-explanatory, simple, and extremely user friendly.


Enhancing process efficiency while optimizing time required to manage different processes is our Key Focus.

Office Building

How much time do you save with t3?


Leave Management






Contract Generation

T3 Solution Bundles
Simplified to match your unique needs

T3 offerings are flexible and can be adjusted to meet your unique business requirements. Our solution bundles are carefully put together tools that will serve you just right - whether you are a small to mid-size business or an Enterprise looking to add on capabilities to your existing HR practices.



Includes Core HR, Organizations Management, HR Operations Management, Timesheet Process Automation, Time Accounting, Data Analytics, Encapsulated BI along with Employee and Manager Self Service



Foundation + Global HR Operation, Local HR Operation, Leave Accrual Process Automation, Employee Leave Accounting, Leave Administration, Leave and Accrual Data Analytics



Essentials + Contract Generation, Onboarding Process Automation, Checklists Setup that includes Paper Work, Policy Reading, Onboarding Tasks, Personal Information and Self Check-in Dashboard



Advance + Offboarding Process Automation, Exit Feedback, Questions Setup, Asset Allocation, Asset Transactions, Clearance, Analyze exit reasons, and Monitor Attrition Rate at different levels

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