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Optimize Workforce Deployment and Improve ROI with t3

Powered by embedded AI, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation & Predictive Analytics – t3 helps organizations achieve operational efficiency, agility and resiliency around people processes.

According to the gartner research, business leaders are not very confident in the conclusions drawn from HR data — only 8% of them say they trust talent data and insights from HR.

Generating thoughtful analysis from data to develop your strategic plan is essential to secure future prospects


Charioting your journey of transformation from a reactive enterprise to a proactive one

T3Workforce - Workforce Management

Gartner research reveal what is seriously going wrong in workforce planning & management and what is the remedy 


Given the importance of talent and people, it is time to move beyond gut instinct and tribal wisdom in making workforce decisions. If you are not using workforce data and analytics to drive your talent decisions and in times of adversity, you are compelled to do workforce restructuring failing which you might fall behind the curve - and are at risk of losing your competitive edge in the market.


Along with efficient operations, accuracy in planning workforce capacity & forecasting demand for upcoming years in advance is a key capability that you need. Being prepared is better than being surprised.

Let's explore what T3 can do for you?

T3 is a single, unified, organically integrated platform to manage your global workforce. With Strategic Workforce Planning, Workforce Scheduling & Rostering, Leave & Attendance Management,  Workforce Demand and Supply Chain, Competence Management and Workforce Operations Management working together in one system, you gain complete visibility and control over workforce productivity.


Constantly focusing on enhancing HR and Workforce productivity by effectively using artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to eliminate repetitive and mundane activities undertaken by workforce planners and HR leaders in the process of planning, scheduling and meeting work demand

t3workforce workforce hub


  • Workforce Central

  • Workforce Planning

  • Scheduling and Rostering

  • Timesheet Automation

  • Paid Leave and Accruals

  • Contingent Workers Management

t3workforce Strategic Workforce Planning


  • Workforce Capacity Forecasting

  • Workforce Requirement Planning

  • Future Operation Sizing

  • Business Growth Modeling

  • Skill and Competence Planning

  • Workforce Skill Sizing

T3workforce Industry Solutions


  • Public Transport 

  • Education Industry

  • Healthcare and Hospitals 

  • Public Service and Utilities

  • Construction and Mining 

  • Maintenance Operations

T3 Robotic Process Automation RPA

Go on Autopilot with t3 – Automate processes to amplify time for key skills 

Organically Integrated to deliver a unified platform that eliminates repetitive and mundane activities undertaken by workforce planners and HR leaders, allowing them to practice their key skills.    

Suitable for all industries that need to manage continuous operations that involves  generating rosters & staff schedules, Leave & Attendance management . t3 is designed to autopilot these processes using its RPA & AI capabilities.

Gain true business agility with augmented and intelligent SWP

People fuel the success of an organization. Anticipating and planning for workforce needs must be a key driver of all other business decisions.


Utilizing AI, RPA and ML we transform SWP into a scientific process taking guess work out. The strategic plans thus developed allows organizations to rapidly reorganize and  mobilize workforce effectively, even in crisis situations.

T3 Strategic Workforce Planning

T3 Solution Bundles – Simplified to match your needs

T3 offerings are flexible and can be adjusted to meet your unique business requirements. Our solution bundles are carefully put together tools that will serve you just right - whether you are a small to mid size business or an Enterprise looking to add on capabilities to your existing HR practices.


Workforce Bundle for Small and Mid size Businesses

Workforce information management, Workforce Scheduling, Paid Leave Accounting and Accruals, Rostering, Timesheet process automation, Employee Self Service Bundled with easy to use data analytics and dashboards. 


Solution Bundle for Project Centric Businesses

Core HR, Hiring, Scheduling,  Timesheet Process, Project Operations, Cost Management, Leave Accrual and more. Packed with powerful insights about workforce time, billing, return on investment and cost allocation management.


Workforce Bundle for Multi Shift Operation (24x7)

 Workforce Demand Planning, Operations Management, Workforce Scheduling, Rostering, Attendance and Attendance, Absence management. Incorporated with workforce management dashboards for 360 degree visibility. 


Mobile first design,


Extending mobility to not just employees but also HR Managers to manage Workforce Activities - anywhere, anytime and on any device 

t3workforce Mobile
t3workforce Mobile
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