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The T3 Workforce credo stems from a belief that the combined power of time, talent, and teams can enable companies to nurture talent and build smarter teams equipped to improve performance and productivity. We help HR move beyond a transactional role to be a strategic and transformation partner.


Leveraging Time, Talent, and Teams

Routine, repetitive, resource-intensive, and error-prone tasks often contribute to HR’s beleaguered reputation as a reactive partner in an organization. While discussions on HR’s value and efficacy continue, companies – irrespective of their size or scale of operations – are warming up to technology and enabling HR the elbow room to help them leverage their human capital.


Time, talent, and motivated teams, working in tandem, are proven to have the power to enable human capital and generate economic value. T3 Workforce is designed to help companies develop capable and adaptive workforces by enabling HR to better manage time, talent, and teams.

We synergize time, talent, and positive team dynamics to help organizations achieve and excel.

Implement proactive HR strategies aligned with your business goals without allowing data to overwhelm you.


Global Human Resource Management

Enabling HR divisions, operating across geographical boundaries and cultures, to gain real-time visibility of their data and transform centralized information into shareable knowledge capable of:

  • Minimizing an organization’s administrative burden 

  • Achieving compliance with global standards 

  • Adding tangible value and insight to businesses 

  • Enhancing productivity levels

  • improving employee satisfaction

Discover real advantages of integrated contract generation and onboarding to boost HR productivity and efficiency.

Contract Generation and Integrated Onboarding

T3 Workforce helps organizations minimize mundane onboarding tasks and enable new hires to start their jobs right. Aimed at mitigating process inefficiencies in contract generation, the T3 Workforce platform offers features designed to achieve accuracy, speed, and consistency. It allows users to:

  • Create reusable contract templates

  • Copy from MS Word and format using rich media

  • Insert Smart Fields in the templates wherever required

  • Generate automated email alert prior to an expiry

  • Enable organic integration with onboarding

t3 Employee Onboarding

Ours is an organically integrated solution designed to bust multi-platform, siloed systems that induce avoidable process lethargy.

t3 Leaves Management

AutoPilot Leave Accrual and Accounting Process

It is crucial for organizations to have a defined leave accrual process to ensure HR practices and employee experience initiatives are perfectly aligned. T3 Workforce helps HR divisions to manage time-off requests in a way that effectively factors in:

  • Four levels of organizational configuration

  • Diverse leave types and traditional personal time-offs (PTOs)

  • Resource requirements and regulatory/local compliance

  • Customized leave types to put the leave accrual policy on autopilot

  • Approval of non-accrual-based leaves using the employee leave ledger

Envisioned to reduce manual intervention, enhance process consistency, promote a unified company culture

Simplifying Timesheet and Time Accounting Process

Our time management solution is designed to maximize workforce value, increase productivity, and improve ROI and service levels. Our intelligent time tracking system is designed to simplify timesheet generation and approval processes and bring the focus back on work. Our time management solution is tuned to help organizations:

  • Generate ultraprecise timesheets

  • Reduce timesheet generation and approval time by as much as 90%

  • Increase visibility in daily operations

  • Enable smarter project management

  • Boost productivity

t3 timesheet, time and attendance

Harness the power of psychometric assessments to build countermeasures against undetected employee burnout and possible employee churn.

t3 employee engagement, exit management

Burnout and Attrition Control

T3 Workforce allows configurable dashboards to give a straightforward account of a company’s prevailing culture. The solution is designed to enable employees to steer clear of job exhaustion and align their career aspirations with their organization’s vision. It enables:

  • Psychometric assessment of honest, unfiltered exit feedback

  • Management of exit checklists, outstanding leave adjustments, and clearances

  • Completion of handovers, final settlement, and superannuation formalities

  • Evidence-based actionable insights to address attrition-related pain points

  • Fairness in task distribution/workload

T3’s responsive UI design is efficient, user-friendly, and self-explanatory, which makes navigation a breeze.

t3 hrms organization chart

T3 Workforce streamlines HR processes and enables easy, effective, and secured access to employee information.

Office Building

How much time do you save with T3?

up to80%

Leave Management

up to75%


up to85%


up to90%

Contract Generation

Flexible Solutions for Scaling Businesses

T3 Workforce believes in building flexible solutions designed to plug gaps in HR operations and process adherence. Our systems line-up varies from a comprehensive, all-encompassing HRIS to point solutions designed to minimize complexity, provide scalability, eliminate data duplication, and enable smooth integration with existing HR management systems.



Includes Core HR, Organizations Management, HR Operations Management, Timesheet Process Automation, Time Accounting, Data Analytics, Encapsulated BI along with Employee and Manager Self Service



Foundation + Global HR Operation, Local HR Operation, Leave Accrual Process Automation, Employee Leave Accounting, Leave Administration, Leave and Accrual Data Analytics



Essential + Contract Generation, Onboarding Process Automation, Checklists Setup that includes Paper Work, Policy Reading, Onboarding Tasks, Personal Information and Self Check-in Dashboard



Advance + Offboarding Process Automation, Exit Feedback, Questions Setup, Asset Allocation, Asset Transactions, Clearance, Analyze exit reasons, and Monitor Attrition Rate at different levels

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