Reboot workforce demand planning approach

We have changed the way we operate or even think during the COVID-19 crisis. Some changes were forced on us; others represent the height of innovation in a crisis. There’s been a reset of the workforce and work itself, a reset of the employer/employee relationship and a reset of the business ecosystem.

It is the time to invest your lessons learned back into the enterprise to reset strategy and rebuild a strong workforce demand roadmap for future which is not based on the job roles that you need now but it is the competence and skills that you need to possess in order to achieve business goals and implement new strategies.


From here, each enterprise will take its own path. Different parts of the same enterprise may veer off from one another but one common thing would be to focus on efficient future planning and adapt more technology and science than ever before

Time to restructure workforce size and build right strategies to meet future skill and time demand

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With the fast-paced environment of today’s workplaces, employers must have a firm grasp on not only the employees they need right now but what talent they’ll need in the future to achieve their ultimate goals. That’s where talent planning comes into play. Instead of only focusing on hiring the right people for current job openings, talent planning helps organizations predict what skills they’ll need in the future to help their company keep momentum and outmanoeuver their competitors. 

T3 Enterprise Workforce 2.0 Capabilities Overview



  • Competence Profiling 

  • Individual Competence

  • Functional Experience 

  • Accreditation Requirements

  • Fitness and Compliance  

  • Job Skills Requirement



  • Development Goals Setting

  • Skill Development Planning

  • Workforce Enrollment

  • Mentor Assignment

  • Competence Review

  • On Job Learning 



  • Training Requirement Planning

  • Batch Planning and Scheduling

  • Courses Management

  • Integrated Competence Mgmt.

  • Training Execution and Reviews

  • Forward Training Planner

Find competent and skilled workforce with ease