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Time, Talent and Teams

Harmonize service continuity with the flexibility to meet changing customer needs and evolving skills demand with t3

Improve customer service through streamlined operational planning, customized shift scheduling, and precise workforce skill demand modeling

Operations Planning

Predicting the staffing and skill demands aligned with future operational strategies, alongside forecasting the projected cost of operation

Demand Forecasting

Streamline staff scheduling operations, maintain rosters in real-time, and deploy qualified staff automatically against the staff and skills demand

Workforce Management

Eliminate manual touchpoints by  integrating time planning, rostering, and attendance management processes to ensure efficient payroll generation 

Time and Attendance

T3 Workforce Planning and Management Solutions for Shared Services and BPO

The most significant setback to delivering efficient patient service is the absence of relevant skills among employees

The healthcare industry faces unique workforce planning and management challenges due to its dynamic nature, regulatory environment, and the critical nature of its services. Some key challenges include:

Bill of Skills Management

T3 offers fit-for-purpose solutions for healthcare to streamline service operations

Healthcare Industry challenges addressed by T3

Variable patient volume leads to fluctuating demand

Patient volumes can vary significantly, making it difficult to predict staffing needs accurately

Require a diverse skill mix to meet patient care

Safeguard against value erosion caused by inefficiencies in employee time billing process

Emergencies and Unforeseen Events

The healthcare industry is expected to be prepared for unexpected incidents or events causing variation in staffing demand

Lack Technology and Integrated Approach

Lack of adequate technology adoption and fragmented approach to workforce management

Shift Preferences and Work-Life Balance

Creating a balance between staff preferences and organizational needs is a constant challenge

Workforce Management for Hospital s

Explore T3 capabilities that can help you service your patients better 

Advanced Workforce Management

Simplify scheduling and rostering complexities across full-time, contracted, and part-time staff through a single, integrated AI-driven solution

Workforce Scheduling for Healthcare
Workforce Planning for Hospitals

Strategic Workforce Planning

Enhance operational efficiency through the streamlining of planning activities, crafting of tailored shift plans, and precise assessment of workforce skill demands

Workforce Productivity Management

Harnessing a range of analytics tools focused on workforce productivity to offer actionable insights for enhancing resource efficiency and ROI optimization

Time and Attendance for Hospitals
Time and Attendance for Hospitals

Time and Attendance Management

Aligned perfectly with your roster, the T3 Time and Attendance solution aids in efficiently handling pre-authorized exceptions and overtime

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