Strategic Workforce Planning is aligned with Business Strategy

Workforce is your biggest investment and what you need is science in the planning, not gut or tribal wisdom. T3 delivers a systematic process for understanding the workforce needed to execute  the future business strategy, and identifying and addressing the gaps between the current and future workforce skills and competence requirements.

Long Term Workforce Capacity Planning, Predictive Demand Forecasting can help you identify gaps in supply chain much in advance; Giving you enough time to build workforce strategies to meet demand efficiently, at reduced costs.


t3 Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP), is an add-on solution to Enterprise Workforce Management Suite but can also be deployed independently.

Why Strategic Workforce Planning is essential to constantly evolving and high performance enterprises

T3 Strategic Workforce Planning Modules



  • Workforce Capacity Planning

  • Forward Business Planning

  • Long Term Capacity Forecasting

  • Shrinkage Factors Planning

  • Attrition Rate Monitoring

  • Operation Adjustment and Sizing



  • Future Operations Modeling

  • Workforce Requirement Planning

  • Predictive Demand Modeling 

  • Long Term Demand Forecasting 

  • Influencing Factors and Impact

  • Growth Projection Modeling



  • Budget Requirement Planning

  • Predictive Budget Forecasting

  • Integrated with Forward Demand 

  • Budget Maintenance & Monitoring 

  • Factors and Predictions 

  • Budget Analytics and Dashboards


Researches are clearly indicating that enterprises are at a high risk and there is an urgent need of a platform to enable systemic strategic and forward planning


Why traditional approaches are not delivering - and what to do about it?

Strategic workforce planning processes include four essential components:

  • Top business priorities must be translated into talent ramifications.

  • HR initiatives must be prioritized based on current capabilities and projected needs.

  • Strategic plans must be communicated to business partners to get leadership buy-in and investment.

  • Plans must be allowed to evolve to reflect ongoing changes in business conditions.


Workforce Planning Is Essential to High-Performing Organizations

Workforce planning has topped the wish list of HR strategists for years, but it has consistently been one of the most difficult part of planning.

This article outlines what a pragmatic and operational workforce planning process should look like—as well as predictive tools that help organizations measure and respond to their workforce gaps. Using this model and tools, high-performance organizations can use workforce planning to ensure that they have the required talent to drive business objectives.


Embedded AI capabilities used in the forward planning

t3 Robotic Process Automation and Predictive Analytics working together to deliver the accuracy that you need in long term workforce planning

t3 strategic workforce planning solutions