HRIS and Workforce Transformation for Small and Mid Size Businesses

No matter what size of workforce you have, the HR digital revolution is here and moving at rapid speed, and you can't afford to be left behind. SME need to adapt technology to stay competitive and manage workforce productivity. 

It is quite challenging for small and mid size businesses to deploy multiple systems such as HRIS, Leave Accounting, Contracts Management, Attendance and Timesheet. Even if they decide to deploy diverse systems, it is going to be a marathon to integrate all these systems and find a single source of truth. T3 is the only solution in the market that brings all these components in one unified system that is organically integrated

Out of the box t3 solutions for Small and Midsize Companies

Key Features and Capabilities 

Many small companies still rely on excel, paper-based systems to manage employee affairs, track time and attendance, manage schedules, and process key HR-related functions. It is the high time to consider using technology-based solutions for these tasks and focus on growing their core business. T3 Digital transformation creates an all-in workforce approach, beyond automation, with improved business agility, more comprehensive and effective use of intelligent services, and leveraging and engaging a more diverse workforce.


t3 Global Price-list for SME

Organically integrated across modules and delivering value for every cent spent

Module Name                        Pricing            Features Included                      Functionality Overview


Human Resource Management

US$ 1.80 

Employee Records

Per Employee Monthly

Employee Job, Personal, Contact, Identities, Work Relationships, Dependent, Contract Type, Period and Employment Status

Organization Management

Organization Chart, Work Locations, Reporting Relationships, Operating Units, Departments and Cost Centre setup 

Benefit and Awards

Setup compensation elements, awards, compliance rule and employee benefit administration

Exit Management

Employee offboarding, Primary and Secondary Reason, clearance, successor nomination and handover proceedings

Workforce Analytics

5+ Prebuilt data analytics covering employee information, benefits, identification and contract monitoring

Ready to use BI

Preconfigured dashboard with powerful data visualization for local and corporate HR to view workforce trends 

Role Based Access

Prebuilt roles for employee, manager, local HR and Corporate HR and flexibility to control application access

Integrated Workflow

Preconfigured workflow for leave and timesheet approvals, build custom workflows and implement

Automated Email Alerts

Automated email alerts are sent to HR, Manager and Employees based on preconfigured system events

Employee Self Service

Manage Personal Information, Organization Directory, Online Notice Board, Leave Request, Timesheet, manager self service

Mobile Self Service

Dedicated mobile app for employees and managers to access information, apply leave or submit timesheet and approvals

Email Support

Email support provided for end users to report issues or submit query and our team will respond within 12 working hours 


Hiring and Onboarding

US$ 0.60

Appointments Management

Per Employee Monthly

Create employment offers, online acceptance, compensation and maintain eligibility templates

Employment Contracts

Create custom contract templates and generate employment contracts base on applicable template

Eligibility Templates

Build eligibility templates containing leave, benefit, work schedule and applicable employment terms 


Onboarding process automation, paper work checklist and integrated with appointments management 

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking system includes candidate personal details, work profile, experience and current employment

Turnover Analytics

Employee turnover and attrition data analytics, candidate search, status and fitment analysis


Project Timesheet and Billing

US$ 1.40

Project and Allocation 

Per Employee Monthly

Project and Client Information Management, Workforce Demand, Employee Scheduling and Time Allocation

Rates and Billing Rules

Maintain project billing regular and overtime rate agreement, applicable rules by employee and the position  

Project Task Scheduling

Project task planning, Task Type, Assign Task to the employees and manage full time work rational

Integrated Awards

Create and Manage Award plans, Employee Eligibility and business rules and compliance management

Timesheet Builder

Automatically building employee timesheets from project allocation, Time reporting and leave requests

Time Entry and Approval

Employee timesheet adjustment and submission for internal approval or electronic client approval if needed

Project Budget Tracking

Project budget planning, tracking and monitoring value realized during the given year and months

Timesheet Data Export

Flexible timesheet data export using data analytics for payroll processing and project billing requirement

Flexible Periods

Creating periods automatically based on the predefined rules, frequency and as per the advance time criteria defined

Analytics and Dashboards

Multiple data analytics and dashboard to analyze timesheet data, work hours, overtime, absence and approval status

Resource ROI Analysis

Preconfigured dashboard to analyze project, position and employee wise cost and return from investment


Scheduling and Rostering

US$ 1.80

Per Employee Monthly

Work Schedules

Manage individual work schedules based on fte % and employee preferred work days and hours

Contingent Workers

Contingent worker schedules, employment contracts, entitlements and award information management

Shift Operation management

Manage shift operation of business units, offices and operating units and manage shift rotation

Workforce Demand Planning

Workforce demand planning by position and competence for given operating unit and shift operation

Standby Staff Planning

Stand-by staff planning, resource sharing rules management to schedule in case unplanned absence

Rostering Management

Generates roster for the given period based on the shift wise workforce demand and applicable schedules

Automated Scheduling

Automatic scheduling of eligible workforce against the demand generated agains operating unit and shift

Workforce Productivity

Workforce productivity management, scheduling performance and effecting utilization of workforce

Integrated Leaves Plans

Considering leave requests or plans while generating roster and then keeping the roster up-to-date

Planned Absence Events

Considering planned absence events such as training, travel, on job learning and fitness tests

Risk and Gap Monitoring

Preconfigured dashboard to Analyze gaps between demand and scheduling for the given period

Data Analytics & Dashboards

Roster and scheduling data analytics to analyze and build custom reports from the roster data  


Time and Attenance

US$ 1.40

Per Employee Monthly

Time Reporting Data Upload

Upload actual time reporting data of the employees for the selected operating unit, shift and period

Missing Punch Handling

System is automatically handling missing punches and applying leave requests, training and travel plans

Timecard Adjustments

Employees or HR can make timecard adjustment to manage exception and these changes can be audited

Timecard Approval

Employee timecard approval needed only if there is any manual adjustment else timecard is auto approved

Award Interpretation

System automatically interprets applicable awards from the time reporting data and applicable rules

Absence Management

Analyze unplanned absence records by operating unit, employee, work location, project or department

Absence Activity Planning

Manage unplanned absence activities and monitor reason and analyze impact on the operation

Integrated with Leave

Time and attendance system is tightly integrated with the employee leave plans or requests

Higher Duty Calculation

Employees can define higher duty involved in the timecard and calculates higher duty on approval

Overtime Interpretation

System automatically calculates overtime or extra work done by employees in the time card entry

Analytics and Dashboards

Dashboard and pre-configured data analytics available in the system to analyze time card data available


Paid Leave Management

US$ 0.60

Per Employee Monthly

PTO Plans and Enrollment

Create Paid time off (PTO) Plans and enroll eligible employees in the PTO plan to set their leave eligibility

Automated Leave Accruals

Autopilot leave accrual process and enforce all the regulatory requirement, compliance and business rules

Real-time Leave Ledger

System maintains real-time employee leave ledger containing all the credit and debit transactions

Leave Purchasing

Employer can purchase leaves and this can be handling from the employee leave ledger

Configurable Leave Types

Flexibility to configure leave types applicable in the work location geography and define business rules

Leave Rules and Compliance

Manage and enforce paid leave regulation, compliance, granting rules and organizational policies 

Pro-Rata Balance Validation

System calculates pro-rata leave balance when employees applying leave for the upcoming accrual periods

Backdated Sick Leave Request

Supporting back dated sick leave request submission by employees based on the time limit rules defined

Leave Request and Withdraw

Leave requests submitted by employees can be withdrawn (even after approval) before consuming the leave 

Carryover Policy and Ceiling

System is managing carry over policy and ceiling rules defined in leave request and approval process setup

Data Analytics & Dashboards

Dashboard and pre-configured data analytics available in the system to analyze leave accruals and requests

t3 SME Key Functionality Overview


Workforce Information Management

Organization and Workforce Information Management, Regular and Contingent Workers Management


Onboarding and Exit Management

New Employee Onboarding, Exit Process Automation, Event Planning and Movement Management


Appointment and Employment Contracts

Appointment and Job Offers Management, Terms of Engagement and Employment Contracts Management


Regular and Contingent Worker Management

Manage full time employees and part time workers information, applicable awards, personal and role information


Flexible Work Schedules based on Fte

Maintain single or multi-shift operation, workforce demand and individual preferred work schedules based on fte 


Roster Generation and Maintenance 

System automatically generates roaster in advance (upto 6 months) and system keeps it up-to date 


Workforce Eligibility and Entitlements

Eligibility Templates Contain Compensation, Leave Entitlements, General Terms and Conditions 


Employee and Manager Self Service

Dashboard for managers and employees to manage personal information, apply for leave, submit timesheet


Time and Attendance Management

Starting from time reporting data upload to managing missing punches, timecard submission, auto or manager approval


Leave Accruals and Request Process Automation

Setup leave types, policies, compliance requirements, automated leave accrual and leave request and approval process


Project Timesheet and Billing Management

Manage project information, resources allocation and applicable billing rates. Obtain electronic approval and raise bill  


Workforce Data Analytics and Dashboards

Enjoy 25+ pre-build data analytics available out of the box and ready to use dashboards for HR professionals and executives



Either you are a small to mid size business or an Enterprise looking to add-on capabilities to the existing HR transformation processes. T3 solutions are flexible to meet your needs and adjust its offering to suite customer's unique business needs

White Feather

Workforce Bundle for Small and Mid size Businesses

Workforce information management, Workforce Scheduling, Leave, Rostering, Timesheet process automation. Bundled with easy to use data analytic and dashboards.

White Feather

Solution Bundle for Project Centric Businesses

Giving leaders insight on how effectively available workforce is allocated in the projects and analyze opportunity to optimize workforce and improve bottom line

White Feather

Workforce Bundle for Multi Shift Operation (24x7)

Operations Planning and Workforce Management getting together to address all the needs and challenges  being faced by industries operating in multiple shifts.