t3 workforce compliance

Workforce Safety, Security and Compliance 

Specialized solution to manage Workforce Safety, Compliance and Inspection Process

A culture of safety awareness aimed at minimizing workplace injuries can both rein in workers' compensation costs and medical expenses associated with injuries and help employers avoid liability for negligence, increase employee morale and productivity, and cut down absenteeism.

Stringent, ever-evolving Health & Safety, Operational & Security compliance requirements pose as a huge challenge for organizations. T3 helps you reduce effort and cost associated with safety and compliance requirements.

Workforce Safety and Compliance Management with t3

Key capabilities and functional aspects

Managing entire process relating to maintaining safety and compliance is made easy with t3 - starting with Workforce Safety and Compliance Requirement Planning, Audit Planning, Inspection Team Scheduling, Non Compliance Reporting, Corrective Action Monitoring. Non compliant activities are flagged and concerned departments or unit heads are alerted so that corrective measures can be taken well in time. 


Compliance Requirements Management

Job Role wise Compliance Requirement Planning and Individual Compliance Status Monitoring 


Auditor Workbench and Activity Monitoring 

Assign inspection tasks to the auditing team, and dashboard for inspectors to monitor tasks and activity


Audit and Inspection Planning

Audit planning covers selection or department or unit, activities to be inspected and scheduling of auditor


Inspection Checklists Management

Build checklists and link these with the inspection or audit activities included in the audit planning


Non Compliance Activity Monitoring

Non compliance reporting, escalation process and monitoring of non compliant activities 


Prebuilt Data Analytics and Visualization

Audit tasks, activity and non compliance action analysis using prebuild data analytics and dashboard

Audit and Inspection Planning

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