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t3 workforce skill planning

Skill & Competence Based Workforce Planning and Deployment

Involves identifying, assessing, managing and sustaining workforce skills and competence required to successfully accomplish business goals and priorities.  

Gartner research shows that differentiating costs are the largest drivers of competitive advantage and that people costs are the number-one driver of organizational cost. t3 provides a platform to restructure future workforce planning and strategies driven by competence and skill based requirement modeling to ensure optimum return on workforce investments. 

Competence and Skill Planning with t3

Key capabilities and functional aspects

T3 provides a metrics-driven framework to plan and manage workforce competencies, enabling planners to make informed decisions about workforce priorities, requirements, acquisition and development. Competency management delivers powerful insights about an organization’s workforce today – and its potential to thrive in the future.

t3 workforce skill planning

T3 Competence and Skill Planning Deck

t3 workforce skill and competence

Skill Requirement Planning

t3 workforce skill Profiling
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