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Timesheets, a Vital Tool for Service-related Businesses: A T3 Viewpoint

Errors in calculating time and attendance can be frustrating and may have consequences more serious than what most start-ups and SMEs initially acknowledge. For any company, manual time tracking creates room for human error, thereby adding to the HR / operations team’s existing workload and leaving them sifting through old messages and email for fixes. As for the employees, the lack of a transparent time accounting structure or clear time and attendance guidelines can cause confusion and workplace demotivation.

Are timesheets the answer?

Timesheets are undeniably a very important aspect to determine if your resources are appropriately and productively allocated. They can pave the way for positive returns and enable organizations to get a comprehensive overview of all employment types and provide insights for any reallocation efforts to deliver the best value for your business.

The first step to garnering the right timesheet management culture and compliance within your organization would be by ridding your system of paper timesheets that are replete with late or missing entries, input errors, and work hour miscalculations that can damage your image as a service provider and an employer brand.

T3 Workforce’s unique module not only captures accurate work hours but also adjusts exceptions and interpretable shortfalls in employee hours to generate ultraprecise timesheets in an eyeblink.

Our Time and Attendance solution enables:

  • A lowdown on diverse schedules factoring in pre-approved overtime, training plans

  • Tracking of work-from-homes, onsite assignments, and detailed work hours

  • Capturing of all business/compliance requirements and process steps

  • Detection of timesheets eligible for auto-approval

  • Management of planned absence events and default time allocation preferences

Choosing the right solution

With fluctuating business demands, most project-oriented businesses realise at some point that certain generic time and attendance modules are ill-equipped to cover all aspects of time management. Hence, the T3 solution is focused on intelligently stitching together:

  • Project work schedules with timesheet generation to prevent time-reporting irregularities

  • Overview of split work allocation vis-à-vis ongoing projects, including bench time

  • Records of start and end times of employee assignments (internal or external)

Our approach towards timesheet generation is scientific, intelligent, and accurate. Conditioned to sharpen the resource scheduling and work time allocation processes, T3’s Time & Attendance solution enables consulting businesses to:

  • Intelligently generate employee timesheets and transform the approval process

  • Effectively manage service contracts, define billing rules and monitor validity

  • Get a tightly integrated overview of project work schedules, assignments, and leave records

  • Pre-define time allocation rules for error-free timesheet generation

Flawed timesheet generation processes can cause a significant dent in your bottomline. If you are looking to create a focused and accountable workplace, choosing the right time and attendance solution could be your first step in that direction. Write to to know more about T3Workforce 's easy timesheet generation process.

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