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T3Workforce: Envisioning The Best HR Solutions For Businesses

Is HR still a paper-intensive division with little scope for innovation? Is its role still limited to tasks pertaining to recruitment, dismissals, and administering of company policies? Has it moved beyond the administrative burdens of legal compliance and employee information management to a more strategic role in the business?

The recent years have seen HR evolve into a technology-driven profession. Does that change the way we look at HR skills as known to us traditionally? It doesn’t. However, it does indicate a sharpening of that knowledge with an ability to harness proficiency and information through smart use of technology.

Intelligent automation, data visualization, and smart analytics are gradually changing the traditional function of HR and empowering them to shift gears for a more strategic role that is equipped to focus on talent retention, employee engagement, and nurturing of future organizational leaders.

T3 Workforce solutions are envisioned to streamline HR processes, bust silos, and enable access to information in a way that reduces manual intervention, enhances process consistency, and promotes a unified company culture.

T3 helps companies utilize people-focussed automation and self-service features to efficiently manage repetitive HR tasks and register time-savings of up to:

  • 90% in contract generation

  • 80% in leave management

  • 75% in timesheet management

  • 90% in timesheet generation

  • 75% in onboarding

It comes as no surprise then that even smaller businesses today are making tiny, digestible changes to allow data to help them unlock actionable insights to better align their workforce performance with their business goals. If this isn’t evidence of HR gradually transforming from its role as a facilitator to a partner in a company’s growth strategy, what is?

[Is your company ready for an HRIS? Do you feel stuck with an HR system that’s proving to be overwhelming for your use? Watch this space for our next post on how to choose the right HRIS solution. Explore T3 Workforce and find the best solution for your company’s HR needs.]

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