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Optimize Bench Potential, Boost ROI for Consulting Industry with T3Workforce

Is effective utilization of resources and improved deployment rate eluding you? We, at T3 Workforce, help consulting companies align resource management with efficient workforce scheduling to enhance resource optimization and minimize on-bench time.

Harnessing Predictive Bench Analytics

T3 leverages predictive bench analytics to improve deployment rates and returns on workforce investments. Our Resource Management module enables companies to track employee assignments and provide businesses with centralized bench visibility, empowering managers to methodically mobilize benched resources for better ROI. With T3's product design aligned perfectly with your organization's process needs, the resource management capabilities can enable you to:

  • Minimize bench time with efficient assignment tracking

  • Gain improved contract / SOW visibility for current and pipeline projects

  • Provide HR leaders with an empowered HRIS to handle workforce skills and project experience

  • Optimize the timesheet generation process by 90% with automated time allocation

  • Conduct project / resource-wise revenue and profitability analysis

  • Align employment contract expiry dates with start and end dates of SOWs

Ours is a one-stop solution oriented towards streamlining processes and eliminating repetitive / time-consuming HR activities. The platform comes with built-in capabilities to efficiently manage resource deployment, service contracts and project schedules, thereby facilitating productivity and growth.

Choose a module / combination of modules that is perfectly suited to alleviate your process pain points. Write to to connect with us today.

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