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Importance of Onboarding in New Hire Retention: A T3Workforce Perspective

First impressions can be critical, especially when the competition to attract and retain good talent is fierce. Organizations are increasingly utilizing onboarding technology to create that first impression for them, familiarize new hires with their culture, and facilitate them to ease into their new roles. Smart onboarding solutions can aid branding strategies and enable swift new hire assimilation. In addition to simplifying paperwork and compliance formalities, a smart onboarding solution can significantly enhance an organization’s new hire experience.


An effective onboarding solution can help new hires connect with an organization's brand, and not merely the role. It can help HR departments make paperwork incidental, extend the brand experience to focus on the organization’s shared values, and drive retention strategies.


The T3 Workforce solution enables organizations to:

1. Accelerate the contract generation process Aimed at mitigating process inefficiencies in contract generation, the T3 Workforce platform offers features that are designed to achieve accuracy, speed, and consistency. The solution is not limited to customized contract templates, managing contract renewals / extensions, or maintaining contract expiry analytics. It comes with real advantages that add further sharpness to the contract generation process by allowing users to:

  • Create reusable contract templates

  • Copy from MS Word and format using rich media

  • Insert Smart Fields wherever required

  • Generate automated email alert prior to an expiry

  • Enable organic integration with onboarding

  • Create eligibility slabs and tables

2. Set up a better onboarding process T3 Workforce helps organizations save time by minimizing mundane onboarding tasks and enabling HR to help candidates start their new jobs right. Standardizing the onboarding activity, the solution eliminates the need to enter the same data at different phases of the process, thereby significantly reducing the time to move from contract generation to onboarding and induction. The platform’s onboarding features allow organizations to:

  • Build customized onboarding checklists

  • Manage new arrivals/set date and venue

  • Set up internal onboarding tasks

  • Enable complete paperwork requirements

  • Enable self service check-in dashboard

  • Complete and upload downloadable forms/docs

  • Update personal and contact details

  • Update previous employment information

3. Integrate new hires into organization culture With talent being a key differentiator for businesses across industries, organizations are making concerted efforts towards creating work cultures that are conducive to retain top talent. T3 Workforce acknowledges that reinforcing an organization’s values, mission, and goals not only acclimates new hires faster but also helps them feel connected to their new workplace. Consequently, T3 incorporated features that enable new organizations to:

  • Fulfill/track policy reading formalities

  • Manage post-onboarding tasks/training

  • Share information on organization culture

  • Help new hires know their team and workplace

4. Create positive offboarding process While onboarding is important to create the first impression for an organization, offboarding can be a process that renders a lasting one. In recent times, every company keen on creating a high-performance and high-trust work culture is emphasizing on enhanced offboarding experiences. T3 facilitates organizations to use offboarding as an opportunity to identify possible red flags, scale down chances of misunderstanding, and keep a door open for future reconnection.

Initiating offboarding and managing departures with T3 starts from creating exit checklists, specifying clearance requirements, facilitating successful handovers to other essential features like:

  • Setting up exit feedback questions

  • Enabling email-based actions/status updates

  • Enabling access to self service check-out dashboard

  • Completing and uploading downloadable forms/docs

  • Submitting exit feedback

  • Manage exit feedback confidentiality

This smart onboarding solution is designed to effectively minimize new hire awkwardness, help fresh recruits connect faster to the corporate culture, enable them to adjust quickly to their new roles, and facilitate team cohesion – all of which can eventually contribute to the organization’s bottom line. Read More

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