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Contract Generation and Onboarding with T3Workforce

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

The journey of a new employee in any organization starts with onboarding. How smoothly the onboarding process occurs determines the success of the employee in their new organization. Unfortunately, companies that hire new employees without a proper onboarding process find it difficult to measure their success after joining. It also means that without a formal onboarding process, there are no benchmarks to measure improvements.

Several companies nowadays opt for automating the employee onboarding process through automated software. It helps the companies retain new employees by ensuring that the correct onboarding procedure follows. Additionally, the companies can also track the productivity of the employees in form of regular task completion, timesheet and working hours.

According to most HR managers, the top three challenges they face in the onboarding process include competing priorities, inconsistencies in the organization, and measuring the effectiveness of onboarding process. The answer to all these problems described by the HR department is automating the whole onboarding process. Automating process creates more opportunities for customizing and streamlining the whole experience.

Automating the Onboarding with T3

Automation has the power to make the process of onboarding efficient and fruitful. T3 workforce is an efficient automated platform!

It is integrated solution that manages the global workforce of any given company. With the efficient use of pre-defined processes, T3 workforce enhances HR productivity. It allows integrated contract generation and the onboarding process to eliminate manual work and boost the brand. Additionally, it accelerates the whole process of onboarding and contract generation to give a good first impression to the recruit.

Onboarding occurs across several departments, people and data. For example, a new employee who just got hired has around 54 activities to complete. A single mistake from a person or department can ruin the whole process, which is not the case with T3. Numerous things can go wrong in the manual onboarding process. For example, there may be miscommunication regarding the contract, and the recruit may fail to receive the IT resources they need. These kinds of incidents during the onboarding process makes the company look unprofessional in the eyes of the new employee. An automated platform like T3 rules out these fluffs!

T3 workforce connects more than just one system and one team, making the entire process much more straightforward and faster. As a result, it does not just help save time but also positively impacts the legal, finance, operations and IT departments. In addition, it enhances the experience of the newly recruited employee as they get the very first impression of what working in the company looks like.

T3 workforce also automatically maintains a record of everything done for onboarding the new employee. It helps to reduce redundancy and saves additional effort and time of the HR professionals. Additionally, t3 automated platform efficiently stores data of employees. The HR needs to input employee information only one. This record helps the companies provide a benchmark to the newly hired employees, which improves low retention. Also, t3 is a reusable platform and offers multi-function capability for HR department.

Contract Generation and T3

Contract generation and assigning is a crucial part of the entire onboarding process. A newly hired employee needs just a contract and the terms, conditions, and agreement details in the contract!

With T3 workforce, an organization can complete the whole process of generating a contract for a new employee in just 2 mins. This fast pace works in favour of both the company and the recruit. The software has a slew of pre-designed contract templates which the companies can use or customize according to their needs. Just by following these simple steps, companies can generate a new contract in no time:

  • There are pre-designed contract templates that the companies can use. If those templates suit the needs of the company, they can directly download and use them.

  • If there is just a minor change to be made in the template, the company can duplicate the template and make the necessary changes.

  • The eligibility tables and slabs can be reused with T3.

  • T3 also records the contract's validity and notifies when it's about to expire.

  • The companies can generate contracts for every type of employee using T3 Workforce.

The organization can also create custom checklists and lists of tasks to be completed by the new candidate using T3. Additionally, the office can also define their requirements, post links to download content and upload signed/filled forms using the software. T3 makes sure that poor communication doesn't become an obstacle to deliver an excellent experience to the employee.

T3 helps companies set up policies regarding the culture and code of the company, which the recruit needs to read and comply with before the onboarding process. It is good to discuss these conditions early as it eliminates the chances of future conflict with employees.

The new employee can update and verify their personal information, complete paperwork by downloading the forms and fill and upload them using T3. Once the onboarding process is over, recruits can easily use the software to start web check-in. The companies can also list the day to day activities of their employees with T3.

T3 is the way!

Thus, to conclude, we can say that automating the whole onboarding process of a new employee with T3 will save a lot of time and energy for the HR department. It will also reduce the chance of any mistake or miscommunication on the company's part, thus enhancing the whole onboarding experience of the recruit. The entire process will help companies retain their employees for a more extended period and improve low retention.

There is no better software than T3 to automate the onboarding process and generate contracts. It won't be wrong to say that the T3 workforce is one of the best HR solution for use in the automated onboarding and contract generation process!

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