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Boost Your Workforce Balance and Your Balance Sheet

Owning a business is often like hiking trails – marked by gradual progress, varying terrains, and unexpected obstacles. How about we reimagine the trek with a large multi-day backpack on? If the terrain gets difficult or the backpack is overloaded, it can throw us off balance. To pick oneself up and carry on is always the option. But what we lose, in the process, is time. Time to strategize. Time to get ahead of the curve faster.

We, at T3Workforce, value your time. All our solutions – ranging from an all-embracing HR platform to flexible point solutions tailored for every business need – are designed with massive time savings in mind. Our people-focussed automation and intelligent autopilot features are equipped to help you confidently offload repetitive HR tasks and register time-savings of up to:

  • 80% in leave management

  • 75% in timesheet management

  • 85% in onboarding

  • 90% in contract generation

The comprehensive T3 line-up includes:

Contract Generation, Onboarding & Offboarding – for improved brand image and employee retention

Global HRIS – for efficient data management and insights across locations

Time & Attendance – for smarter workforce and project management

Leave Management – for error-free management of leave and accruals

Exit & Attrition Control – for reducing employee turnover and generating positive word-of-mouth

Transformational Analytics – for an easy 360-degree view of employee data

Choose a module or a combination of modules that’s just right for your business and perfectly suited to identify and alleviate your process pain points. Take another committed step towards boosting your business’ balance and balance sheet.

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