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Build flexible pay policies and structures that streamline payroll generation and workforce costing processes.

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Workforce Payroll and Costing

Streamlining the workforce payroll process with t3 can help improve efficiency, accuracy, and transparency and reduce costs and administrative burden. Here are some benefits of transforming payroll generation process and workforce costing with t3: 

  • Simplify payroll inputs

  • Increase payroll process accuracy

  • Eliminate manual errors and improve efficiency

  • Ensure compliance with tax and labor laws

  • Build flexible pay plans for blue collar staff

  • Increase payroll data security

  • Automate workforce cost accounting process

  • Personalized pay codes/ elements

  • Statuary and tax deduction automation

  • Intelligent payroll analytics

Compensation Policy

Enabling HR divisions, operating across geographical boundaries and cultures, to gain real-time visibility of their data, manage employee matters and transform processes. 

Payroll Generation

Automatically create and generate employment contracts for new hires. Making contract creation process more efficient and accurate while also reducing the risk of errors. 

Compliance Management

Streamline and simplify the process of welcoming and integrating new employees into an organization. Exit checklists and feedback collection process automation.

Workforce Costing

Helping you improve efficiency, reduce administrative workload for HR and managers, and provide employees with more control and flexibility over their personal and employment information.

Learn how you can streamline employee compensation administration and payroll generation process with t3

Employee compensation administration involves managing and overseeing the various pay components of an employee's compensation. This includes not only basic pay, but also benefits, bonuses, allowances, and other forms of compensation. Here is how t3 can help you  effectively administer and manage employee compensation:


Build a compensation strategy: Start by building a compensation strategy that aligns with your organization's policies and objectives. You can set up pay ranges for different positions, and deciding on the types of pau structure and incentives that will be assigned.


Create flexible pay plans: Develop a pay plan that outlines the various components of an employee's compensation structure, including base pay, bonuses, and benefits. This should include clear directions for how pay will be determined, how allowances will be awarded, and how benefits will be administered.


Administer employee compensation: Once the compensation plan has been developed and assigned, it's important to effectively administer pay and benefits. t3 payroll is fully equipped to automate the pay calculation process and distribution of salaries.

payroll generation india

Blue-collar staff payroll has its own challenges and a specialized solution is needed to efficiently process their pay

payroll generation india

Data benefits passed onto all stakeholders for workplace cohesion

The T3 allows local HR operations to work in sync with a company’s global strategy and business goals. It enables businesses to:

  • Create local organization structure and reporting hierarchy

  • Tailored dashboards for local HR staff

  • Manage contracted/part-time workers

  • Develop strategies for HR staffing based on local needs

  • Implement global practices while retaining local flexibility

t3 mobile-first is simplifying payroll generation process and enhancing efficiency

Mobility offered by t3 in Payroll Generation

  • View employee salary structure

  • Update pay preferences

  • Update or revise employee pay 

  • Sync pay with the staff pay plans

  • View pay slip

mobile payroll generation
mobile payroll generation
mobile payroll generation
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