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Maximize plant capacity utilization by efficient workforce planning, shift operation sizing and staff scheduling 


Poor workforce planning can jeopardize your efforts and hurt your customer relations

Poor workforce planning can disrupt your manufacturing operations, which can have a negative impact on delivery commitments. It is also important for manufacturing companies to carefully plan workforce requirements to ensure that they have the right number of staff with the required skills to meet their production goals. Here is how t3 can help your manufacturing operation:

  • Implement a solid workforce planning strategy to leverage Industry 4.0 benefits

  • Anticipate future workforce needs and ensure you have the right skills and numbers in place

  • Prevent potential shortage of key talent from negatively impacting your business

  • Manage and constantly meet your product demand for sustained customer loyalty

  • Improve workforce availability and reduce overall labour costs

Human Resource

You will have full flexibility to either continue using your existing HR systems or consider transforming end to end HR processes, service delivery, employee self service with t3. 

Workforce Scheduling

Build shift staff and skill requirement plans, schedule staff in different shifts, generate roster and ensure your plant has right number of skilled workers to manage operation.

Time and Attendance

We provide facial recognition clocking system and allow your to manage exceptions, overtime approvals, leaves, attendance and absence tracking from the dedicated mobile applications.

Payroll Generation

Starting from managing employee pay structures, employee salary, pay revision to generating payroll. It also automates adhoc earnings, deductions, statuary deductions and tax deductions.

Why t3 is a must-have solution to manage your manufacturing operation


Unified HR, Workforce Management and Payroll Generation 

T3 helps manufacturing companies manage HR processes and their workforce more effectively, attract and retain skilled resources, stay compliant with employment-related labor laws, have better employee engagement, and make data-driven decisions. Here are several reasons for you to choose T3:


brings the true transformation that your manufacturing operation needs in order to deliver high performance with enhanced efficiency. manufacturing companies for several reasons:

  • Transform HR processes and operation

  • Integrated workforce scheduling and roster generation

  • Time, attendance, and leaves management

  • Plant and shift operations planning

  • Workforce demand forecast generation

  • Compensation Management and Payroll Generation

  • Employee IDs and Documents Management

Ours is a one-stop to manage workforce and it is extensively tailored for the manufacturing industry


No matter what geographic location or size of manufacturing operation you manage, t3 is the perfect fit


Manage everything on the move with t3 comprehensive mobile solutions

Running multiple production plants in different geographic locations requires a strong policy framework, workforce planning, and strategic decision taken at the corporate level. However, the day-to-day HR operation and employee matters are handled at the manufacturing plant level. T3 provides facial recognition clocking machines and empowers your plant-level operations teams with the required mobility to manage things on the move. Here is what you can do from the mobile:

  • Quick staff onboarding and exit

  • Employee IDs and documents upload

  • Attendance exceptions and excused absence

  • Employee leaves and absence

  • Punch correction and adjustments

  • Overtime planning and approvals

  • Casual worker onboarding

  • Casual worker attendance tracking

Take your HR service delivery to a new level with mobility that saves time for your HR staff and managers drastically  

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