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Unscramble complexities in your leave management process. Switch to T3’s smart time-off administration module.


Rule out employee disengagement with accurate leave management.

Support and manage diverse leave structures in sync with your geographical diversification strategy, region-specific compliance requirements, and inclusive organizational policies. The T3 module allows:

  • Easy configuration of all leave types (accrual- and non-accrual-based)

  • Swift implementation of leave policy with accurate record-keeping

  • Setting up of leave requirements based on employee demographics

  • Prevention of recurring inaccuracies in leave accounting

  • Identification of patterns in absenteeism and leave requests 

Knock off leave management errors and increase employee retention

​Amp up employee satisfaction with our accurate leave accrual and accounting solution. Simplify routine leave administration tasks such as:

  • Building and enrolling employees into diverse PTO plans

  • Integrating multiple leave types into PTO plans 

  • Capturing accrual needs and frequencies, accurately

  • Forecasting leave liabilities and calculating accruals

  • Enforcing rules on leave carryover ceilings


Manage leave liabilities while balancing labor compliance, resource requisition, and employee experience.


Efficient accounting of paid leaves and transparency to ensure employee satisfaction

We provide actionable insights on leave patterns, absenteeism, and possible burnout by bringing transparency into leave accrual and accounting. Our customizable solution enables: 

  • A unified ledger to analyze and drill down all leave-related transactions

  • Automated year-end entitlement and carry forward balances

  • Uncomplicated, error-free leave approval workflow 

  • Automated alerts to fast-track notification and approval

  • Well-defined leave adjustment and leave encashment process

Identify snags in everyday operations, flatten process inconsistencies, and boost employee engagement.

Flexible and impeccable leave accounting to attract and retain top talent

Our configurable engine aligns perfectly with company-defined leave rules to automate all leave transactions, eliminate manual record-keeping, and sharpen leave accrual governance. T3 analytics allow organizations to:


  • Retrieve and analyze employee leave data 

  • Get instant access to real-time leave balance

  • Obtain pro-rata balance validation

  • Define accrual rates based on structure, position, work hours, or job status

  • Automate maximum accrual amounts, carryovers, and borrowing benefits


Explore how T3 empowers businesses to cut the clutter and build resilient workforces.

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