Specialized Solutions to meet industry


We understand that every industry faces its unique set of workforce management challenges. Optimised workforce management can be achieved through unique, innovative and sustainable technological solutions.


An important prerequisite for such technologies is ensuring alignment with existing processes – t3 does that with ease. It is a highly intuitive end-to-end workforce management platform that is built for your business requirements. Our industry-specific solutions help you reduce labor costs and improve your workforce productivity and efficacy.

We strategically focus on large labor intensive industries that face specific challenges and require specialized solutions to deal with complex workforce management problems. Add-on modules and functionality that can complement or advance existing HR and workforce technologies using Robotic Process Automation are available with t3.

t3 Solutions for Diverse and Large labour intensive Industries 


Public Transport Services

  • Crew Requirement Planning

  • Service/ Trip Timetable Upload

  • Crew Scheduling RPA

  • Standby Staff and Location Rules 

  • Monitor Crew Allocation and Gap 

  • Configure Crew Pairing Rules


Maintenance Services

  • Routines Configuration RPA

  • Upload Work Orders or PMS

  • Generate Workforce Demand

  • Competence and Compliance

  • Day of Operation Planning

  • Standby Staff Management


Contracting Industry

  • Task Category Based Demand

  • Upload Activity/ Task Schedule

  • Generate Workforce Demand

  • AutoPilot Task Allocation

  • Competence and Compliance 

  • Day of Operation Planning


t3 Solutions for education, Healthcare and Public Utility Sector


Education Industry

Workforce planning is essential to ensure that resource allocation is effective and targeted to the needs of the educational institution. The need for a workforce strategy that is responsive to enrolment variations, pupil demographics, budget and funding and planned organizational improvements is essential.

T3 Workforce delivers a systematic process for understanding the workforce needed to execute future business strategy, and identifying gaps between current & future workforce skills & competence requirements. T3 offers-  optimized, cost effective rostering and scheduling solutions, helps manage leave and attendance effortlessly, simplifies compliance management - and much more.



Healthcare industry is evolving like never before and the key challenge is to efficiently meet workforce demand. t3 innovators have realized the importance of leveraging Artificial Intelligence and robotic process automation to optimize workforce allocation and utilization in the healthcare industry.


t3 suite of tools powered by embedded AI, ML and RPA render  decision-making process easy and intuitive. How quickly can you - transform Capacity planning, Demand forecasting, Safety and Compliance, Workforce Competence, Scheduling and Intraday Workforce Operations management - determine your ability to orchestrate patient care efficiently and effectively. With t3 you can gain these key capabilities allowing you - to create strong, resilient and robust health systems that are ready to deal with challenges in recruiting, deploying, retaining and protecting sufficient well trained, supported and motivated health workers.

Female Pharmacist

Public Utility

Public Utilities need to deal with ever changing workforce demand due to the city infrastructure development projects and growing service delivery requirements. t3 brings specialized solution to plan workforce in advance – up to 5 years -  in order to eliminate the risk of workforce shortage.  


Workforce planners can plan routine activities even upload schedule from external systems, plan workforce and competence requirements to deliver services; system can robotically allocate skilled and competent workforce against recurring routine tasks. t3 puts on autopilot many -  time and effort consuming activities - freeing up your time for startegic business functions. It offers end-to-end visibility of complete operations and across all workers in real time augmenting your responsiveness and flexibility. This not only allows managers to track performance against work orders, taking corrective action immediately where necessary, but also helps them gain a holistic view across their entire operation so they can plan the resources they need more effectively.