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Implement proactive HR strategies aligned with your business goals without allowing data to overwhelm you.


Human Capital Management

Enabling HR divisions, operating across geographical boundaries and cultures, to gain real-time visibility of their data and transform centralized information into shareable knowledge capable of:

  • Minimizing an organization’s administrative burden 

  • Achieving compliance with global standards 

  • Adding tangible value and insight to businesses 

  • Enhancing productivity levels

  • Improving employee satisfaction

  • Accelerate contract generation process

  • Control attrition rates across the organization

Global HRIS

Enabling HR divisions, operating across geographical boundaries and cultures, to gain real-time visibility of their data, manage employee matters and transform processes. 

Contract Generation

Automatically create and generate employment contracts for new hires. Making contract creation process more efficient and accurate while also reducing the risk of errors. 

Onboarding and Exit

Streamline and simplify the process of welcoming and integrating new employees into an organization. Exit checklists and feedback collection process automation.

Employee Self Service

Helping you improve efficiency, reduce administrative workload for HR and managers, and provide employees with more control and flexibility over their personal and employment information.

Manage your complex organization pyramid with t3 multi-level organization structures for workforce resilience

Either you are operating from single location or a multinational business group operating across countries, t3 offeres four level of organization pyramid to accomodate any complex organization structure. Each organization may have unique needs based on their industry, size, and global presence and you need capability to manage corporate level policy governance with local HR operation. 


Head Quarter: It is responsible for overseeing all operations and making strategic decisions for the organization and therefore you can have only one head quarter or business group


Legal Entities: Create multiple legal entities representing country or regional offices that oversee operations in specific geographic areas. You can also have department structure within a legal entity.


Divisions/ Business Units: One legal entity may have multiple divisions or business units that focus on specific product lines or services


Functional Offices: You can have multiple offices, factories or stores in each division or business units 


Deploy effective data governance to keep HR data secure and compliant with local laws and ordinances.


Data benefits passed onto all stakeholders for workplace cohesion

The T3 allows local HR operations to work in sync with a company’s global strategy and business goals. It enables businesses to:

  • Create local organization structure and reporting hierarchy

  • Seperate ashboards for corporate and local HR

  • Manage contracted/part-time workers

  • Develop strategies for HR staffing based on local needs

  • Implement global practices while retaining local flexibility

t3 mobile-first is going to help you streamline human resource management processes

Mobility offered by t3 in Human Capital Management

  • Onboard new employee

  • View and manage staff information

  • Setup employee compensation/ salary

  • Manage pay revisions

  • Offboard an employee

  • Upload employee IDs/ documents

  • View and track employee documents

Mobile HRIS HCM HRMS india
Mobile HRIS HCM HRMS india
Mobile HRIS HCM HRMS india
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