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We help organizations streamline their HR processes, improve employee data accuracy and security across operating locations

t3 global Employee Records

Incisive employee records management for competitive advantage

T3’s all-encompassing HR solution supports centralized and decentralized HR structures and enables organizations to manage all types of HR data covering multiple employment types and regulatory records. In sync with diverse landscapes, the solution facilitates:

  • A comprehensive overview of all employee records

  • Distinct data access levels for local and corporate HR

  • Adherence to local laws and corporate processes

  • Implementation of market-specific pay structures

  • Regulation of eligibility, work time, and preferences  

Efficiently manage and track your human resources data and information 

Employee information management is a critical component of HR management, as it enables organizations to track and monitor their workforce, make informed HR decisions, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Some of the features that t3 employee information management include:


Employee Information: Managing employee personal data, contact, employment, skills, eligibility, work schedule, and pay preferences. 


Reporting Relationships: Maintaining employee manager or supervisor information and reporting relationships.


Documents Central: Maintain individual employee document repository, and upload contracts, immigration information, and legal IDs along with the renewal requirements if applicable. 


Employee and Manager Self-Service: Employees can maintain personal data, request leaves, view attendance or punch information while managers can approve exceptions, leave requests and overtime etc


We can be the transformative advantage your workplace truly needs.

We build flexible solutions tuned to plug gaps in HR operations and process adherence. From a comprehensive, all-encompassing HRIS to point solutions. Understanding the essence of unique employee blends that make businesses thrive. We help you:


  • Manage full-time, hourly, trainee, and contractual workers

  • Regulate your workforce based on FTE-based work schedules

  • Comprehend different workplace dimensions

  • Create a unified experience across employment types

  • Develop and maximize your HR outreach

t3 HRMS Regular, Part-time and Casual

Explore what’s possible with T3 Global HRIS

Overlooking inadequacies in managing HR information could result in heavy penalties to a company’s image. The flexibility and scalability of our module is designed to simplify your HR needs without allowing data to overwhelm you. Unlock actionable insights to better align your workforce performance with your business goals.

Powered with 10+ ready to use Data Analytics 

Generate Direct and Indirect Reports

Manage Regular and Part-time worker schedules 

Boost Employee Relationships and Retain People

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