Accelerate HR Transformation with t3 Global HRIS 


Global Employee Records Management

  • Employee Organization and Job Information

  • Personal, Family, and SOS Contact Information

  • Pay Rates and Compensation Structure

  • Reporting and Work Relationships

  • Multiple Ids and Expiry Control

  • Employee Skills Management

  • Experience and Employment History

Multi-level Organization Structure to help you manage diversity and scalability

Whether you operate from a single location or a multi-national enterprise, t3 can help you set up your organization structure in a way that matches your organization's culture and business needs.


It can be a single business group, with multiple organizations or legal entities under a business group. Each organization can have multiple operating units and each operating unit can have multiple offices or work locations. 


Simplify your HR processes and define roles for each stakeholder


Local HR operation that manages regional compliance and diversity

  • Access Employee Records in any given location or country

  • Manage Local Compliance Requirements

  • Implement Local Leave Accrual Policies

  • Handle Employee Issues and Grievance Redressal

  • Timesheet Administration in the region

  • Dedicated Dashboard and Analytics for Local HR Staff

  • Manage Contracted Workforce and Part-Time Workers

  • Local Organization Structure and Reporting Hierarchy

Manage all types of workers and employment 

Support full-time, hourly, contingent, trainee, and contract workers with the same approach. t3 makes it easy for you to deliver the same user experience to everyone across the globe, be it for HR professionals, managers, or employees.

Manage workforce based on FTE percentage to accommodate any work schedule. t3 gives you the flexibility to engage any part-time worker.


Explore what else you can do with T3 global HRIS

No matter what industry or size of workforce you have, the capability that you need to manage your HR operation efficiently does not change. Selecting a flexible and scalable HR solution to meet your current and future needs helps you implement Human Resource Operation strategies proactively.

Powered with 10+ ready to use Data Analytics 

Generate Direct and Indirect Reports

Manage Regular and Part-time worker schedules 

Boost Employee Relationships and Retain People

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