t3 casual workforce management

Engage casual workforce to fill skill gaps 

Providing framework to engage and deploy gig workers, casual and freelance workforce to cover the gaps in meeting operations demand

Adapt to the realities of the future workforce, company leaders must understand the trends associated with the alternative workforce, as well as develop a more holistic view for sourcing missing talent. One practice that sets high-performing organizations apart is having a high-level view of the combined workforce to make more-efficient use of resources or quick decisions about when to scale up, scale down or fill skills needs

Autopilot this entire process with t3 and seamlessly manage freelance engagement process cycle with full compliance and fairness.

Freelance Workforce Management with t3

Key capabilities and functional prospective

Starting from identifying skills gaps to robotically shortlisting freelancers, sending them requirement note, online intent and slot booking, automated engagement confirmation, timesheet approval process automation and awards management. Maintain freelancer competence profile, job skills, functional experience, compliance requirements, certifications and rate agreements for quick selection and engagement.


Freelancer Enrollment and Profile Assessment

Freelancer Information Management, Profile Assessment and Enrollment Management


Competence, Job Skills and Certification

Maintain freelancer competence profile, job skill information, professional credits, academic and certifications 


Functional Experience and Compliance verification

Job function and skill based experience information management. Include this in the selection criteria if needed.


Shortlisting and Online Requirement Sharing 

Shortlisting freelancer workers against the requirement based on various factors e.g. competence, job skills, experience etc


Terms of engagement and Rate Agreements 

Maintain individual agreements, terms of engagement and applicable rate agreements or award information


Freelancer Timesheet and Awards Management

Online timesheet submission, approval by the concerned department or person and export data for payment purpose

Freelance Information Management

t3 casual workforce management