Your People is the Key to Boost Employee Experience


Streamlining the end-to-end process of employee offboarding

  • Ensure security and Compliance

  • Remove friction for departing employees

  • Enrich the productivity of HR professionals

  • Automated exit feedback (multiple choice)

  • Facilitate handover process

  • Employee Self-Check Out

  • Submit forms and Clearance

Manual offboarding increases potential for error and manual paperwork

Candidate Task Checklist for Better Work Processes 

Customized task checklists are a boon for both employee and the candidate. Customize your checklist with clearly defined paperwork requirements.  

You can setup a FAQs and guidelines to help the candidate experience a smooth onboarding. Incorporate MCQs, closed answers (yes/no), or collect descriptive responses across forms.

Systematically manage Employee Departure to reduce Organizational Risk and ensure Consistency


Exit Feedback Collection Process Automation

You can build custom questionnaires, select diversity in questions- multiple choice, closed questions and text-based feedback. The feedback received from the employee departing remains confidential in t3.


T3 allowing organizations to analyze reasons and feedback answers to help them understand why people leave their organization. It helps them to prioritize on areas to control and minimize attrition rates.

Monitoring and Controlling Attrition Rate to optimize hiring & training Costs

  • Setup your own questions and MCQs 

  • Allocate weight percent for each question 

  • Include collecting feedback as one of the offboarding tasks

  • Analyze departments, positions, and locations wise attrition

  • Drilldown into the questions and answers received

  • Work on the feedback and bring down attrition rates

  • Attrition rate trend analysis