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Ensure your employees steer clear of burnout and align their career aspirations with your organization’s vision.


Psychometric analysis to decode burnout and attrition

Build countermeasures against undetected employee burnout that may eventually lead to employee churn. Equip your organization with a platform that:

  • Streamlines end-to-end employee offboarding process

  • Investigates digital inputs from unfiltered exit feedback

  • Harnesses psychometric assessment to boost retention

  • Draws insights on the pulse of teams across locations

  • Analyzes team efficiency under different leadership styles

Identify workplace burnout and attrition patterns that may be injuring your company’s work culture. 

Actionable insights to address attrition-related pain points

Our multi-criteria questionnaires are configurable and designed to confidentially capture the rationale behind your burnout-related inquiry. We help you cover a range of dimensions including:

  • Suitability of job environment and workplace relationships

  • Fairness in task distribution/workload 

  • Quality of leadership and possible human biases

  • Work-life balance and employee well-being

  • Reward and recognition and scope of growth

Earn the good word of former employees. Be an employer brand that job-seekers would love to work for.


Smart offboarding to keep the focus on your brand

We help you enhance your offboarding experience, preserve networking possibilities, and create a lasting positive impression. Our customizable self-service dashboard can help you:


  • Manage and systematize exit checklist process

  • Create custom checklists covering mandatory paperwork

  • Expedite handover proceedings and clearances

  • Calculate outstanding leave adjustments

  • Manage final settlement, and superannuation formalities

Regulate burnout to optimize hiring and training costs

We help you keep the spotlight on exit feedback to review your workflow and identify possible process niggles. Create smooth transitions to:

  • Stitch together email, paperwork, and exit feedback 

  • Remove inconsistencies and exit friction

  • Gain process visibility through employee lifecycles

  • Deliver a positive exit experience to prevent negative buzz

  • Prioritize business continuity and team cohesion

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