Equipment Service & Routine Maintenance

Specialized solutions to manage centralized workforce operations for the Routine Maintenance focused and Equipment Servicing Industries 

t3 Routine based Workforce Planning and Allocation solution is an organically integrated solution for workforce capacity planning, demand forecasting, work schedules, rostering and leave management. It is designed to efficiently schedule competent and skilled workforce against the routine maintenance schedule or work order schedules received as an input


Work orders can also be generated within t3 robotically, based on statistical data and applicability rules defined in the RPA – Task Autopilot Set-up. A 360 degree view of labor activities helps boost your responsiveness and service quality while bringing down costs and effort.    

The industries that can benefit from t3 Equipment Service and Routine Maintenance solutions are -  Airlines & Airports, Trains, Shipping, Transportation, Government,  Electricity Distribution. It is powered by Robotic Process Automation and AI to eliminate repetitive and mundane activities, increase efficiencies and enhance productivity.

Routine Maintenance Schedule and Activity Based  Workforce Demand Planning and Allocation


Routine and Demand Planning

Setup maintenance routine rules, activities, workforce and competence requirements. Asset types that follow these routines are configured along with the establishment rules that needs to be followed


Competence Management

Define job profile wise competency requirements, Asset linked skills, education and certifications requirements. Detailed competence profile of individuals is  also maintained in the system


Compliance Management

Workforce fitness and compliance requirements are defined for system to validate Workforce eligibility before scheduling against the demand generated from the maintenance routines or work orders 


Robotic Task Allocation

Workforce tasks scheduling is done robotically using t3 Robotic process automation solution which is integral part of the planning and allocation solution. You can configure applicable rules and preferences in the rpa

The process to scheduling competent workforce against planned/ routine maintenance schedule is Powered by RPA

t3 Maintenance Routines and Workforce Allocation Functionality Overview
More Solutions to Support Equipment Servicing and Routine Maintenance Focused Industries

Workforce Capacity Planning and Forecasting (RPA)

Workforce Capacity Planning, Long Term Supply Forecasting, Events and Shrinkage Modeling


Operations Planning and Workforce Scheduling

Present and forward Operations Planning, Demand Planning and Robotic Workforce Scheduling


Workforce Optimization and Utilization Monitoring (RPA)

Optimize Workforce Utilization and Allocation Efficiency to obtain maximum value from workforce investments


Workforce Competence Management

Job Profile based competence requirement planning and individual competence management


Workforce Budgets Management RPA

Covering Workforce cost analysis, headcount and expenses budgeting, and consumption analysis


Forward Demand Planning and Forecasting (RPA)

Workforce Demand Forecast, Predictive and Statistical data driven forward demand modeling (5-10 years in advance)


Workforce Safety and Compliance Management

Safety and Compliance Audit Planning, Non Compliance Reporting, Escalation and Action Monitoring


Roster Generation and Maintenance RPA

Build roster in advance for the desired period and update roster real time when there is any leave or absence event


Freelance Workforce and Slot Management RPA  

Manage freelance workforce, competency and experience information and robotically managing share slot sharing and booking


PTO Accruals, Leave Request and Absence Management

PTO Plans, Leave Accruals Autopilot, Leave Request, Workflow Based Approval Process and Absence Management