Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Workforce Management and Strategic Planning

T3 is powered by embedded Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning,  and Predictive Data Analytics designed to Autopilot and efficiently manage processes and activities that involve high volume repetitive and mundane tasks done either manually or using systems with limited capability.

T3 SWP intelligently predicts how anticipated or potential staffing scenarios will impact the organization’s ability to meet operation needs. The AI-driven solution considers a range of variables, such as staff and demand planning model, as well as business parameters to make precise, efficient workforce predictions. In doing so, it empowers organizations to control costs, develop better hiring plans and improve customer service while realizing forecasts that far more accurate than traditional long-term forecasting methods. 


AI is poised to completely reframe how businesses operate and talent is managed in the Organizations. AI is a liberating technology at its core, enabling businesses to become more innovative, creative, and adaptive than ever before.

t3 is a must have partner in your transformation journey. We are a product company offering off the shelf AI, Predictive Analytics and RPA solutions in Enterprise Workforce Planning and efficient management of workforce supply chain 

t3 AI Capabilities and Solutions Portfolio 

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Workforce Demand Forecasting AutoPilot

The need of a forward workforce demand forecasting solution is exigent for the growth and prospects of the company and this can never be truly overemphasized. t3 manages the process of workforce demand forecasting robotically and help in controlling surplus workforce and optimize workforce utilization.


Its role is to accurately inform the HR and business bosses to correctly predict the numerous scenarios that might arise based on the past events, historic trends, future operating model and make accurate workforce demand forecasts

Workforce Capacity Forecasting AutoPilot

Overstaffing is a common problem in large enterprises and systematically forecasting the net capacity for upcoming months or years is the need of the hour. Workforce capacity planning is managed robotically in the t3 workforce forward planning and this process determines workforce availability in terms of net work-hours effectively available to ensure that you have the right mix and numbers of staff, with the right skills and knowledge, to meet demand, now and in the future.


Robotic process automation, machine learning and predictive analytic are working together to autopilot this entire process and taking all the factors, rules, preferences and trends into the calculations to efficiently generate capacity data robotically. 

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