Education Department and Large Institutions

Specialized t3 solutions to manage Centralized Workforce Operations for Education Sector

Being a people centric industry – efficiencies in workforce management can go a long way in boosting revenues and learning outcomes for Educational Institutions. Employing cutting edge technology to have a future ready workforce will help organizations face the fast evolving education scene and gain a competitive edge.  


T3 workforce - is powered by Artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics and robotic automation -  can help you navigate  workforce related challenges with ease. T3 helps you efficiently manage staff coverage with ever-changing workforce demand, optimize scheduling and minimize wasteful overstaffing to improve workforce ROI.

T3 offers specialized solutions for Workforce operations of Education Sector infusing efficiencies and improving learning outcomes. It effectively employs artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to eliminate repetitive and mundane activities undertaken by workforce planners and HR leaders in the process of planning, scheduling and meeting work demand allowing them to practice their key skills. 

Workforce allocation against the demand generated from the teaching timetable


Teaching Staff Requirement Plan

Create teacher requirement plan containing teacher profile and subject-wise competence requirements and teaching experience required to deliver any teaching session


Generate Demand from Teaching Schedule

T3 generates staff demand from teaching session or class schedule received from the teaching time table. System identifies requirements from teacher requirement plan   


Competency and Teaching Experience

Staff competency, teaching experience, functional skills and compliance are maintained and validated with the requirement when a teacher needs to be scheduled against the demand. 


Robotic allocation of Teachers

Teacher tasks scheduling is done robotically using t3 Robotic process automation which is integral part of the planning and allocation solution - based on  predefined rules & preferences 

The process to allocate competent Teachers against teaching timetable is Powered by RPA

Must have solutions for the education Industry 

Workforce Capacity Planning and Forecasting (RPA)

Workforce Capacity Planning, Long Term Supply Forecasting, Events and Shrinkage Modeling


Operations Planning and Workforce Scheduling

Present and forward Operations Planning, Demand Planning and Robotic Workforce Scheduling


Workforce Optimization and Utilization Monitoring (RPA)

Optimize Workforce Utilization and Allocation Efficiency to obtain maximum value from workforce investments


Workforce Competence Management

Job Profile based competence requirement planning and individual competence management


Workforce Budgets Management RPA

Covering Workforce cost analysis, headcount and expenses budgeting, and consumption analysis


Forward Demand Planning and Forecasting (RPA)

Workforce Demand Forecast, Predictive and Statistical data driven forward demand modeling (5-10 years in advance)


Workforce Safety and Compliance Management

Safety and Compliance Audit Planning, Non Compliance Reporting, Escalation and Action Monitoring


Roster Generation and Maintenance RPA

Build roster in advance for the desired period and update roster real time when there is any leave or absence event


Freelance Workforce and Slot Management RPA  

Manage freelance workforce, competency and experience information and robotically managing share slot sharing and booking


PTO Accruals, Leave Request and Absence Management

PTO Plans, Leave Accruals Autopilot, Leave Request, Workflow Based Approval Process and Absence Management