What you need is a complete learning ecosystem

'Skills' are an essential aspect of an organization's learning and development, and a skill-centric training design is a step towards establishing a more effective learning programs

To emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, companies should start reskilling their workforces now says Mckinsey report. To meet this challenge, companies should craft a talent strategy that develops employees’ critical digital and cognitive capabilities, their social and emotional skills, and their adaptability and resilience.


T3 platform is designed to help businesses identify core competencies and skills-gap, and in planning learning interventions. For example, an LMS can help with Compliance Training and Continuing Professional Development through continuing learning opportunities.

Integrated Learning and Development with t3

Key capabilities and functional prospective

T3 provides integrated learning and skill development platform for planning and executing workforce skill development programs and strategies. There are two important aspects of organizational L&D - CPD and Compliance Training, both which are needed to ensure a knowledgeable and efficient workforce, and the way to manage them effectively.


t3 Training Planner Overview