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Align workforce demand planning with forward business operations strategy for optimized resource utilization

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Ensure you have the right number of staff with the necessary skills to meet your business needs

T3 can help you optimize the use of available resources, avoid disruption and minimize the cost of operation by efficiently planning workforce demand and forward business operations. T3 capability typically includes:

  • Forward business operations planning

  • Shift operation plan and demand mapping

  • Business network expansion or capacity resizing

  • Scientific workforce demand modeling

  • Stand-by staff requirement planning

  • Staff cost modeling based on geographic locations

  • Job types, positions, and skill-based planning

Operations Planning

Effective operations planning is critical to the success of any business. It helps you deliver performance, streamline business operation and optimize resource utilization.

Demand Planning

Workforce demand planning helps you ensures availability of the right number of employees and skills required to meet its business operation demand and avoid disruption.

Skill Planning

Workforce demand modeling helps you plan workforce and skill requirements and map these models with your shift operation plan to esnure availability of required staff and skills.

Cost Planning

Mobility for operations staff to manage the entire operation from mobile apps. Some of the apps are overtime planning, roster adjustment, shift swapping and exceptions planning.  

Business Operations Planning: anticipate future workforce needs and develop a plan to meet those needs with t3

We help organizations align their human resources with their overall business strategy and objectives. t3 enables them to effectively manage their most valuable asset - their people - and support their overall business objectives. You can achieve the following by deploying t3 workforce planning capabilities:


Improved competitiveness: Scientific approach in workforce planning enables an organization to quickly respond to the business opportunities available and maintain a competitive advantage.


Increased productivity: Efficient workforce planning helps you allocate your human resources in a manner that maximizes productivity and resource utilization.


Improved Resource Utilization: T3 allows you to effectively manage your talent pool and improve resource utilization across the organization.


Optimize Workforce Costing: Helping organizations better understand and optimize labour costs by efficiently planning and scheduling workforce.

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Adverse Effects of Improper Workforce Planning: Pressure on business leaders to manage their workforce well

Workforce planning is the top emerging risk worrying organizations and if you do not plan your workforce well and ahead of time then you will land-up over or under staffed. Here are some snags that can hurt your business operation and goals:

1.  Staff shortages or surpluses: Ineffective workforce planning often results in a shortage or surplus of staff, and leads to decreased productivity, employee burnout, and increased cost.

2.  Higher recruitment costs: If you do not plan your workforce correctly, it may incur higher hiring costs to fill vacant positions or replace staff.

3.  Impacting employee morale and engagement: Employees may become demotivated and disengaged if they are not being utilized efficiently.

4.  Poor quality of work: When an organization does not have the right number or type of employees in place, it can negatively impact the quality of work produced.

5.  Inefficient use of resources: Poor workforce planning can lead to the inefficient use of human resources, this can negatively impact your bottom line.

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Optimized employment mix for teams that excel

We understand the essence of unique employee blends that make businesses thrive. We help you:


  • Manage full-time, hourly, trainee, and contractual workers

  • Regulate your workforce based on FTE-based work schedules

  • Comprehend different workplace dimensions

  • Create a unified experience across employment types

  • Develop and maximize returns from workforce investments

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