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Minimize mundane onboarding tasks. Enable new hires to start their jobs right.


Reduce contract generation process time to an eyeblink

​Our onboarding solution mitigates process inefficiencies in contract generation. Designed to achieve accuracy, speed, and consistency, the solution enables: 

  • Create customized contract templates

  • Duplicate an existing template and make required edits

  • Reuse eligibility slabs / tables

  • Manage contract validity 

  • Manage contract extension and renewals

  • Generate contracts for diverse employment types 

  • Derive contract data analytics

Let our onboarding technology help you create that positive first impression for new hires.

Support faster assimilation with customized onboarding checklists 

T3 eliminates the need to enter the same data at different phases, thereby significantly reducing the time to move from contract generation to onboarding and induction. Our onboarding solution allows organizations to:

  • Build customized onboarding checklists

  • Manage new arrivals/set date and venue 

  • Set up internal onboarding tasks

  • Complete and upload downloadable forms/docs 

  • Update personal and professional information 


Minimize new hire awkwardness, help employees adapt to their new roles, and promote team cohesion.


Integrate new hires into your organization culture

We help organizations to reinforce their values, mission, and goals to acclimate new hires faster and enable them to better connect with their new workplace by: 

  • Fulfilling/tracking policy reading formalities

  • Managing post-onboarding tasks/training

  • Sharing information on organization culture

  • Familiarizing new hires with their team and workplace

  • Promoting a culture to retain top talent

Let virtual check-ins kick off your onboarding process

Candidates can start web check-in via weblink using a dashboard accessible from the weblink emailed to the candidate when onboarding process starts. List activities for the candidate complete along with respective app links.


  • Email relevant web links to complete onboarding tasks

  • Enable self-verification of personal information

  • Update previous employment information

  • Enable easy download and submission of countersigned documents

  • Fulfill/track policy reading formalities


Explore how T3 empowers businesses to cut the clutter and build resilient workforces.

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