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Present and Forward Workforce Capacity Planning

Specialized solutions to manage centralized and location based workforce capacity and competence inventory

Determining and planning your workforce in terms of net work-hours effectively available for operation and how it is going to change in the upcoming months. Building skill and time inventory to ensure that you have the right talent mix for now and in future


Powered by Artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics working together to keep you future ready at all the times.

Workforce Capacity Planning with t3

Key capabilities and functional prospective


Embedded Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Robotic Workforce Capacity Forecast are the key advantages with t3

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Shrinkage Modeling

Either define future events that lead to shrinkage in the workforce size e.g. Retirement, Planned Movement, Leave and Absence, Career Progression etc or tell our bots to learn this from statistical data

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Attrition Rate

Maintaining and robotically updating attrition rates at global and local level for each job type. T3 RPA calculates and updates these rates at the end of every calendar month to ensure correctness of the forecasts

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RPA and Factors

Workforce Capacity Management RPA captures model, preferences, rules, factors that influence capacity and generates robotic forecast in the beginning of  every month for the future periods

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Statistical Data

T3 is using statistical data to identify past trends and use this in the capacity planning based on the preferences defined, rules setup and model configured in the workforce capacity forecast RPA

Workforce Capacity Planning Process Powered by RPA


Position-wise hourly capacity modeling